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Best Price To Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos,Delivery Fast at MMOGO.com

Classes from the game fall to the usual tropes of most RPGs, you've got Healer the Tank, and DPS classes. There are 9 courses, as of right now, using a couple of the functions being filled by those.Tank has Knight, Berserker, three courses, and Runeblade. Berserkers wield great swords and use their"spin-to-win" tactics to the utmost ability. Knights shield their allies with their trusty  MS2 Mesos sword and shield. Runeblades hone magic's power to imbue their blade for harm that is devastating.


For the Healer role, we've got that the Priest who makes certain to keep allies. And DPS is the biggest pool of courses using Wizard, Archer, Heavy Gunner, Thief, and Assassin. Damage is dished out by gunners with their selection of armaments. Rain down arrows all around the area from long selection. Their enemies are disturbed by wizards with manipulation of these components. Thieves burst goals down and seem to poison.


Assassins eliminate all risks within their path. Discussing every class in depth can be its own article. This roster that is decent guarantees that there is lots of options.1 thing I really enjoy about Maplestory 2 is that Nexon enforces having alts (other characters you produce ), so rather than just having two character slots, you are given 6, allowing for you explore the various courses without having to come out of pocket for character slots, if you don't plan to play all nine classes.


Endgame at Maplestory 2 is fairly limited as of  Maplestory2 Items right now. Your main goal is to just gear up as best you can and prepare grind and to raid dungeons that are hard. You might do daily quests to gain experience and prestige. As you level up your prestige you're given perks, which may differ from ability points to items.Although the game of course is not without it's faults, but there are not many that I have come across.

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