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Bamboo Flooring Melbourne

by homesnall9 months ago
tags: Bamboo Flooring

If you are planning on installing wood flooring then it is important to know the type of wood floorings that are available in the market. Also it is very ideal to know the advantages, disadvantages and also the cost, and design that are there for each type of wood flooring.

There are many types of wood flooring that are present in the market which are laminate, solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, and bamboo and also cork wood flooring. Let us discuss about each point on details.

The types of wood flooring:
  • Laminate wood flooring:

The type of wood flooring that is made by compressing layers of fibre board in a complied form and also place a photographic image of wood grain, stone and or tile pattern over this fibre board is known as laminate wood flooring.

Once you have successfully added the image on the surface of the fibre board then all you need to do is coat this layer with a protective coating. This protective coating will help the prevention of damages and will also add a finishing touch to the flooring of the place. Bamboo Flooring Melbourne is quite famous in this case.

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