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5G Mobile Technlogy and Upcoming 5G mobile

5G is upcoming mobile network technology. It use very high frequency band which allow giga bits speed. it is known as millimeter wave spectrum band.

 Now few years back we talk about lte and now it is 5g. Many country starts up-gradation of their current mobile network. When we get 20 to 30 Mbps speed on 4g network we surprise that how technology change life but now in 5g speed will be 20 Gbps. 5g mobile network technology aim to achieve 20 Gbps speed. Which is 100 time faster then 4g.  

1)Massive MIM5G Mobile Network component and 5g technologyO.

2)high caliber antenna.

3) small cell.

4)millimeter wave spectrum band are the key part of 5g celllar network wireless technology.

USA, UK, Russia, Canada, China, Japan, south korea all have started developing 5g cellular network site. Many places 5g internet services are available for commercial purpose.

Samsung, LG, huawei, Motorola and Xioami all have annonced launch of 5g supported mobile. In USA t-mobile, sprint, verizon are at&t are main network provider to provide 5g network as well as they will launch 5g supported mobile this year. Mobile are available in monthly installment basis. So cellphone are sim carrier locked and to use other sim you must carrier network unlock mobile from imei number.

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