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4 Reasons Why Magnetic Badges are Preferable

posted by bsadamsmith 3 months ago

Magnetic Badges are not a new concept these days; they have been used in a variety of industries in the past. These items are used as a major tool for instantly conveying a message to a stranger/customer.  Messages can be anything from introductory messages like “can I help you”, employee identification information to designations for instant identification.  For industries around the world, putting on a name tag of any kind is the first step to becominga contributing member of a team.

In all major organisations, small or large, the presence of name tags on their staff members plays a crucial role in brand recognition. Name tags also act as an important component of a uniform, conveying the designations of the employees. However, business owners for a long time have been going through a dilemma between using magnetic badges or pin badges for their staff members. Some of the main factors to consider include the price, quality, durability andusability.  Overall, magnetic badges have some pronounced advantages over their counterparts. Some common advantages of magnetic badges include:  (Information Credit –

  1. Durability: Magnetic Badges are widely popular for their high-durability. Because the pins can easily be damaged and are susceptible to bending over the course of their use, employers prefer magnetic badges.  They are not only easy to use but also have a durable finish.  Magnetic badges have amply strong magnets which are not damaged by repeated actions.
  2. Usability:Pin badges can have a notorious effect on polyester fabrics. The holes can grow larger as a result of repeated use of these badges and become more noticeable. Since reusable magnetic name badges do not cause any damage to the fabric, they are more preferable than pin badges.
  3. Presentation:Pin badges are not suitable for all types of fabrics as the weight of the tags is not supported sufficiently by the pin. Magnetic badges are made in such a way that the load of the whole badge is supported equally by a single magnet. Therefore, they are available in sleek models, which perfectly align themselves to all types of uniforms.
  1. Longevity: Magnetic badges come with a powerful magnet which is meant for long-term use.  The magnets are concealed inside a protective casing to shield them from corrosion. The main problem with pin badges is their susceptibility to rust.  Besides being bendable, pins become weak with time and are not rust resistant. Overall, badge magnets are stronger and last longer than pin badges.

The above points are proof of the fact that magnetic badges are a better investment than its alternatives. For a number of advantageous features, these badges have a wide variety of applications in different fields. Nowadays, there are a number of vendors available that offer premium quality badges with industrial grade magnets. Choose a reliable source to top-quality products for your company.

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