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4 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Tyres in Top Form All the Time

Well, tyres are one of the most essential yet the most ignored parts of your car. Just glance at your car’s tyres, and you will know that tyres are always there connecting your vehicle to the road and tyres bear an entire load of your vehicle all the time. That’s why it is so important to keep your car’s tyres well-maintained on a regular basis so that they can remain functioning at their best.

Tips to maintain your car tyre in top form

Here are some essential tips that will enable you to maintain your car’s tyres in top form all the time so that your vehicle gets optimal performance continually as well as maintains safe operating condition and enhances tyre life of your vehicle.

  1. Tyre Rotation

It is imperative to rotate your vehicle’s tyres at regular intervals as it will enhance the life of your vehicle’s tyres. That’s because it facilitates the tyres on both the rear and the front of your car to wear equally and avert any vibration in the wheel at higher speeds. As per industry standards, every 5,000 km to 10,000 km tyres needs to be rotated.


  1. Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment of your vehicle is very important as it can considerably affect the way the vehicle steers, stops and how fast the tyres exhaust. To enhance the life of your vehicle’s tyres and to ensure all the suspension and steering components are in top condition, it is vital to have the alignment of your vehicle’s wheel checked on a laser wheel alignment machine. As per industry standards, every 10,000 km or whenever tyres are changed, the wheel alignment must be checked.


  1. Tyre Tread

Tyre tread is designed to improve the grip on the road in unreliable conditions and to disperse water. The tread pattern’s design (aka blocks) facilitates the tyre to grip on the road enhancing handling and safety even in harsh and unfavourable conditions. To make sure there is enough tread depth left and to ensure there is no visible damage or punctures in the tyre, it is critical to inspect tyres at regular intervals.

Tyre Tread

Generally, every tyre has small triangles on the sidewall pointing where the tread wear markers are situated. Tread depth should be 1.5 mm, which is the minimum legal limit. You will need to change your car’s tyres if the tread on the tyre is the similar level as the wear indicator.

  1. Tyre Pressure

To extend the life of your car’s tyres and to maintain an optimal vehicle performance, it is vital to keep the appropriate pressure in the tyres at all times. Besides, maintaining the right tyre pressure not only improves fuel economy and lowers road noise but also aids in providing utmost road contact. All vehicles have a tyre placard which is either situated on the inside of the fuel flap on certain European models or fixed to the driver’s inside door jamb. It will contain information pertaining to recommended tyre pressures for driving with full passenger load, driving at high speeds and normal driving.

Tyre Pressure

Here is a quick guide to assist you with the appropriate tyre pressure for passenger vehicles:

Normal: Between 31 PSI and 33 PSI for driving around the city.

Carrying full load: Between 34 PSI and 36 PSI when carrying a full load of passengers or luggage, or when driving on the highway.

High-speed driving: Between 37 PSI and 40 PSI for driving at high speeds and low profile tyres.

Here is the Guide for Choosing the Right Tyre Size that you should know!

Expert Assistance

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