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3-Minute Guide to understand “What is a Chatbot?”

What is a Chatbot?

Artificial intelligence is the face of modern-day technology and chatbot is one of its beautiful features. With business getting tech-oriented, conversational AI is the key for better customer interaction and corporate communication. Before getting into the complete wave of this subject, we must first understand what is a chatbot.

Chatbot is a basically a computer programme designed for the verbal/non-verbal interaction with the human through online medium to solve their queries and doubts. Businesses are using ai chatbots to reduce the cost involved in hiring customer support executives. The virtual chatbot is quicker and more appropriate than manual chat help.

Now, when we move a layer deeper, we need to answer another significant question;

What is a Bot in Computer Terms?

Bot is a simple and tiny computer app developed to perform certain tasks which need to complete in the same manner over and again. While a human is more prone to make errors in accomplishing these tasks, a bot provides almost 100 percent accuracy and is way faster than manual methods.

Chatbots are almost 4 decades old and are being used in a plain fashion since then. But the needed revolution hit them when artificial intelligence came into the picture. AI opened the doors of their growth and made them the most needed thing in the online commercial sector. It has led them to a completely new dimension and has given whole new meaning to their existence. They are now not just a random computer program but have become a system which may overtake the business of mobile and web apps in the coming future.

Now, when we are done with what is a chatbot, we must understand about the AI chatbots. They are smart, interactive, user-friendly and can be used for an array of business purposes. While the chatbot was just limited to simple human interaction, they are smart. They learn from the customer behavior, and inbuilt algorithms push them to make smarter decision and moves in favor of business and in accordance with the need/query of the customer.

So, Which Chatbot is Right For You?
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