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3b medical Lumin cpap mask and accessories cleaner

Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner Tool is the easiest, fastest, and best method to disinfect a CPAP mask and devices by using a high-powered ultraviolet light, which works as an effective germicide and destroy 99% any bacteria, molds, and viruses that comes in contact with your CPAP devices.

Lumin cpap cleaner and sanitizer

Lumin Sanitier Machinetakes just five minutes to complete its cleaning cycle. It merely requires you to quickly wipe down your mask or water reservoir, place it into the Lumin's cleaning chamber, and turn it on with a press of a button. Simply a brief time later, the Lumin will chime, showing that your equipment is tidy and prepared for instant usage.

How Does Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner and Sanitizer works?

Lumin CPAP Cleaning operates utilizing a specialized high powered germicidal UV bulb. The drawer is made of polished aluminum which reflects the UV light to improve coverage. CPAP masks and the humidifier touch with warm wet air throughout the night, the ideal environment for reproducing bacteria. Daily usage of the Lumin will help keep you healthy and certified with your CPAP devices.



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