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10 Wonderful Life-lessons you learn from Dad

by Aishwarya77817 months ago
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Dads – they’re full of love, fun, and a whole lot of wisdom. This Father’s Day, we are celebrating Dads by taking a look at some of the best lessons we picked up from the man we look up to the most!


1. It’s okay to fallHe didn’t always lift us up immediately when we fell, but what he did was even better. He taught us to pick ourselves up and keep trying until we succeeded. He taught us to learn from our failures, instilling in us a never-give-up attitude.

2. Laughloudly and laugh oftenHis loud, booming laugh has and will always been infectious, and he showed us the importance of learning to laugh at one’s own self as well.

3. Reach for the starsRight from the start, he taught us that no dream is too big and no dreamer too small. He’s our biggest cheerleader and greatest supporter and believes in us, no matter what.

4. Naps and (corny) jokes are absolutely essentialIf there’s one things Dads love most, it’s corny jokes. And deep down, we love them too! Dad taught us that it’s the small things that truly go a long way in creating a happy life.

5. Have courageHe raised us to be fearless. He held our hand when we were scared and let it go when he knew we were ready to fly!

6. Chocolate for breakfast is perfectly acceptableWhile he taught us to be responsible, he also taught us to simply have fun and to never lose our childish sense of mischief.

7. Family comes firstThrough example, he showed us to always stand by the ones we love. From him, we learnt unconditional love, selflessness and reliability!

8. Think outside the boxHe didn’t always parent by the book. He made his own rules and did things in his own imaginative way, teaching us to be creative and always think outside the box.

9. Appreciate the great outdoorsSure, he may have wanted to simply put his legs up and enjoy his days off from work but instead, he took us outdoors and showed us the necessity of games and play!

10. Knowledge is your greatest weaponHe taught us to always be curious, ask questions, keep our minds open and absorb as much knowledge as we could. He helped shape the people we would become and we can’t stop thanking him for it.

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