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The role of Artificial Intelligence in the IoT revolution


Progressive business enterprises across the world today are marshaling in a new epoch where they are running their trade operations by leveraging IoT and thus creating new and improved business opportunities. However, It is just a part of the story.

In order to harness the complete potential of the adoption, IoT is now being coupled with the emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies helping the enterprise to arrive at conversant decisions sans any human intervention.

The outrageous growth of IoT has been underlined several times now. However, less widely appreciated is the magnanimous impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on the different aspects of our personal and professional lives- an impact that will be burgeoned many times by coalescing it with the incredible concept of IoT.

Comprehending the Role of Artificial Intelligence in the IoT Revolution

AI is anticipated to perform a plethora of smart tasks such as voice recognition, language translation, decision-making, etc. without human intrusion. Alternatively, Internet of Things (IoT) includes a chain of interconnected devices that transfer data over a network. IoT devices have made an entry into our daily lives and seek to bring in an advanced level of comfort. These devices bank on internet connectivity and generate unconceivable amounts of data which is pertinent to user behaviors, their preferences, personal information, etc. and therefore cannot be ignored. However, a lot of enterprises are absolutely clueless as of how to store and process such outsized amounts of data. This is encumbering the growth and potential of IoT.

Artificial intelligence, in this case, can greatly help to accrue the deluge of data that is processed by the IoT devices. It allows to analyze the data and make sense out of it. Thus, AI is predicted to be the chief propellant to initiate the unprecedented growth of the IoT revolution.

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This colossal shift and ongoing disruption caused by Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things is radically reshaping the technological landscape. Expected to be major in the looming times, there is a growing need for these technologies, with an increasing number of organizations and industries constantly adopting and implementing it in multifarious scenarios.

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