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The massive impact of mobile bingo sites and bonuses.

It wasn’t very long ago when the app market really started to report on iOS and Android devices. Everything was about apps, and every single website had to be prepared into an app. I guess this happened because players started to forget about laptops and computers so much, and started to drift more and more towards being mobile. The idea of being freer and to just quickly glance at your phone or tablet and search for something was an amazing discovery. Especially when you are out and about, travelling on the train or going for a walk, the easy slide and unlock was too easy for us to get hooked on. Since you can basically find anything you need via mobile or tablet anyway, I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t have happened anyway, we would much prefer to carry around an ipad or a mobile rather than a laptop which is more massive and space intense.

When you look back merely a few years ago, let’s say 5 years ago, most things were still very new when it came to mobiles and having access to wifi, let alone now having 3G, 4G etc. It really just makes you speculate what the future will seize and how far all this will go. I’m not for or against the boom of technology, but perhaps one day it might go way too far and we could turn into computers ourselves!

One thing that has made our lives a lot easier and happier is the fact that so many of our best bingo sites UK are available to download as apps. Being able to have a mini ‘laptop’ in front of us when we get those Free Spin notifications or bonus codes just makes it so easy to unlock and play. The first bingo sites which did transfer into app form were definitely not as complex and detailed as they are now, they were much simpler than their website version being pretty slow with undefined graphics and features. The options within the apps were also quite weak, you could not see bonuses clearly, and being able to divert page to page was extremely difficult. I’m guessing the reason for this was most likely because it was such a new thing and they wanted to test the waters. Nowadays it’s a whole other story for online bingo apps.

I think that bingo sites are really starting to understand how much convenience means to us, the convenience of having a Smartphone that holds all of the magic of an online bingo on it. It’s also to do with how much of a positive change it creates for us players if we are able to just whip out all of our favorite slot games on the go, whenever and wherever we want. So simple and easy! However, unfortunately not all of our best bingo sites UK have an app form at the moment, although there is a big list of them which is constantly growing. The actual slot games themselves are also becoming more and more, and online slots are turning into mobile form, and I think that this is what most game providers now strive for when creating new video slots. They need to make sure that the quality is fully carried out onto mobile form also. There is not much point of them creating a graphically fantastic, spotless online slot game, transferring it to mobile form, but losing a lot of the quality and thus it not looking as superb as it did on the website. This is another reason we have so much convenience because we know that the more online bingo sites become popular, we can just sit back and look forward to the immensely beautiful quality that will be handed to us via our Smartphone’s and tablets. We are pretty lucky right?

Basically, we have a hell of a lot to look forward to these upcoming years when it comes to online bingo sites turning into apps, and slot games turning into mobile games. We will eventually have so much variety and choice that we probably won’t know which games to choose from, and which bingo to choose from. Especially when we have a phone full of bingo apps informing us of the daily promotions and special bonuses it will be super hard to select one out of the let’s say 10 apps we may have. Perhaps in the future we will be able to play multiple slot games at a time, taking one spin here, one spin there and so on. Who knows what the future holds, but one thing we do know is that there will be a massive amount of exciting mobile games that will be released very frequently on all of our bingo sites UK, since one of the many reasons they are on our list is because they transfer quality in everything they do. On that note, why not have a look at our list of deposit bonus codes and decide for yourself which bingo you'd like to choose.

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