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The Impact of Translation Service that can Fall on the Culture

Translation and culture both go hand in hand and the result of the translation is affected by the cultural context, especially if done for business purpose. A translation service doing the translation thing, need to first understand the cultural aspect of the respective language. This certainly gives deeper meaning to the document that is translated. In India, languages translation services have been offering translation for multiple languages for documents which needs to be used for the advertising purpose. Even the advertising copy that is being translated needs a proper research work and should have the cultural effect.

The importance of Translation and Culture:

Every sentence that is being translated, the translator must be able to find the importance of cultural context. Every phrase that has been translated should have a meaning and convey the message, but in the context of target culture. In general, the cultural implications for translation may undergo different forms- Lexical Content and Syntax to ideologies. Certified translation services do consider these forms while translating the content.

Culture has been defined in many different ways. As per Newmark, culture is the way of life and its manifestations that are peculiar to a community that uses particular languages as its means of expression. The notion of language and culture cannot be separated. However, there are many practices that may or may not exist in different cultures. Even the commitment to truth does vary as per the culture. So the meaning of the translated lines shouldn’t go hay wire and match up with the culture.

Taboos and Differences in Value:

Many cultures, especially in Indian are deeply rooted and translating them could be a sensitive thing. So it is important for language translation services to be careful in translating documents which culture sensitive. Wrongly translated document, even a word can literally change the meaning. For instance- when President Carter went to Poland in 1977, the department hired Russian interpreter, who didn’t have proficiency in the Polish language. This brought an embarrassing moment when few words were wrongly said by Carter. He ended up saying like “When I abandoned the US” instead of “When I left the US”. This was a really great mistake made by the interpreter.

Mistranslation can be a threat to the culture and so it is important to maintain proficiency in the language of the specific culture. The translator has study the language and every phrase of it to avoid any kind of mistranslation.

The Need of Certified Translation:

Having a certified translation service on your side gives an assurance of quality and well-researched outcome for the document. Be it the cultural document or official document, certified translation services ensure a quality work. These companies also offer website translation services with accuracy in the language of the respective country. Localization service has been in demand and companies wanting to promote their product and service translate the website content into local language.

Certified translation services are required majorly during legal paperwork, trail transcript for other language. The best thing about hiring a professional translation service is the accuracy in the language which is very important for important business documents and cultural documents. International embassies, agencies and even legal bodies hunt for professional translation services which are backed by a team of expert translators who understand the importance of respective language and culture blended with it. These services are accredited giving a sense of confidence in the company owner of getting a right translation and giving you the peace of mind.


As we have seen how translation can impact to the culture and why hiring certified translation service is essential. There are many translation services in Mumbai, India and one such is the Shakti Enterprise. Being a professional translation services in Mumbai, India, we have a team of translators who understand the importance of language culture and accurately translate the document to meet the need of company. We at Shakti Enterprise are certified, ensuring a quality work to our clients globally. So connect with us for expert translation service.

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