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The difference between Simplex and Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

When talking about fiber optic patch cable, related products that firstly come to our mind are usually multimode and single mode fiber patch cable.Of course,there are still many other types. But as a beginners in this field might wonder what duplex and simplex fiber patch cables are. This text will introduce you about these cables. Before we come to simplex and duplex fiber patch cables, let’s firstly get familiar with the two words — simplex and duplex.

1 What is Simplex and Duplex cables? Simplex Fiber Optic Cable

Simplex Fiber Optic Cables will be used when a signal only needs to go in one direction. They are designed for production termination where consistency and uniformity are vital for fast and efficient operation.

Simplex Fiber Optic Cable consists of a single fiber,tight-buffered (coated with a 900 micron buffer over the primary buffer coating) with Kevlar (aramid fiber) strength members and jacketed for indoor use, and is used mostly for patch cord and backplane applications. Analog to digital data readouts, interstate highway sensor relays, and automated speed and boundary sensors (for sports applications) are all great uses of Simplex fiber optic cable. 


Duplex Fiber Optic Cable:

Duplex Fiber Optic Cables consist of two fibers joined by a thin connection between the two jackets. Either single mode or multimode,they are used in applications where data needs to be transferred bi-directionally. One fiber transmits data one direction; the other fiber transmits data in the opposite direction. Larger workstations, switches, servers, and major networking hardware tends to require duplex fiber optic cable.

If you want to know more,welcome to Some Tips To Choice Simplex And Duplex Fiber Cable


After reading the above statements, do you have a brief understanding of simplex fiber patch cable and duplex fiber patch cable? When choosing one over the other, the key factor is that the equipment requires one-way or bi-directional data transfer. Fiber-Mart has large numbers of simplex and duplex fiber optic patch cables, such as single mode simplex fiber patch cable, LC to LC duplex single mode patch cable, 10 gigabit multimode duplex cables, LC ST duplex patch cord and so on. I believe you can find a suitable fiber optic patch cable for your devices in Fiber-Mart please contact us: product@fiber-mart.com.

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