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The Beach - Punta del Sol Samal Beach Resort

Taking a walk by the sea and feeling the sand between your toes is definitely one of the most relaxing and yet exhilarating moments one could ever experience in one’s lifetime!  Imagine feeling the warm island breeze against your skin, hearing the waves crash against the shore from a distance, and getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D all at the same time? We are here to tell you that can do all these and more at Punta del Sol Samal Beach Resort!

A good reason to go to Punta del Sol Beach Resort is it’s beach, and here’s why:

  1. To destressSwitching to a more peaceful and tranquil environment every now and again does wonders for your mental health.  It’s your chance to detach from the busyness of life!
  2. To learn something newBeing one of the few resorts that offers a wide range of aqua sports activities in Samal, you can take the time to learn to kayak, paddle board, or even scuba dive!  
  3. Fun way to get activeWhen you’re at the beach you’re prone to do more physical activity most especially when you’re swimming or just spending time on the shore walking or when exploring the resort.
  4. Instant spa day!Sea water is filled with natural skin loving minerals!  You also get to have unlimited access to nature’s exfoliant called sand!
  5. Good for your breathingTake a deep breath and notice the quality of the air!  Since you’re far away from air that is heavily polluted, your breathing will become better due to the negative ions present in ocean air that help with oxygen absorption in your lungs.

These are just some of the many wonderful benefits of hitting the beach and we know that a visit to Punta del Sol Beach Resort will help you enjoy the beach even more!  Tara #PuntaTayo !

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