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BuyWow - Official Health & Beauty Store

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BuyWow - Official Health & Beauty Store

Based in Bangalore, India, we are known and trusted for our premium quality products. Our mammoth product portfolio includes supplements, herbal blends, creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, bath & body products, men’s grooming products, essential oils, massages and more. However vast our range of products may be, it is unified by being pure, natural, health-friendly and easy-to-use for the everyday convenience of the modern urban life.





Working Days/Hours:Mon-Sat 10AM - 7PM IST

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Corporate Wellness Market Trends and Outlook 2018

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Corporate Wellness by Service (Nutrition and Weight Management, Fitness Services, Stress Management, Smoking Cessation, Others); By Category (Fitness &Nutrition Consultants, Psychological Therapists &Organizations); By End-User (Small Scale Organizations, Medium Scale Organizations, Large Scale Organizations) & Geography – Forecast (2018-2023)”, the market is driven by the growing industrialization in developing countries and rising incidences of hypertension.North America dominates the Corporate Wellness Market during the forecast period

North America has a major share in the Corporate Wellness Market followed by Europe. US is expected to reach $20.1 billion at a CAGR of 4.5%. In the US, instances of work related stress and illness of employees is driving the regional market. Wellness programs such as immunizations, flu shots, health fitness appraisal, and membership discount at gym/fitness clubs are used by the emplo

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Global Fish Oil Market Size, Growth, Price Trends and Forecasts, 2012 to 2020

9 October 2018, Fish oil is derived from the tissues of fishes which can reduce inflammation. It is a major source of omega-3 acids, docosahexaenoic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid. Omega-3 acids aid in reducing triglyceride levels, depression levels, and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

Fish Oil Market

The global Fish Oil Market will be valued close to USD 4 billion by 2020. The demand for fish oil in 2013 was 1,090 kilotons (KT). It has an objective of reaching 1,200 KT by 2020. The US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) has limited the fishing of sharks, a rich source of omega-3 acids. This is due to the high level of mercury, dioxin, and other PCBs present in their body. This can be a major hurdle for fish oil market players. But development of aquaculture in Asia Pacific can help overcome this obstacle.

Browse Details of Report @ https://www.hexaresearch.com/research-report/fish-oil-industry

Applications for fish oil are DCH (direct human consumption), aquaculture, hydrogenation

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Nutrition and Physical Activity related Tips

Nutrition and Physical Activity related Tips

Eating an adjusted eating regimen and being physically dynamic are two of the most imperative things you can do to be and remain sound at any age.

An adjusted eating routine incorporates eating the perfect measure of calories and supplements to keep up a solid weight. ChooseMyPlate and the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans give proposals to most Americans on what and the amount to eat to feed your body.

Physical action is any type of development that utilizations vitality. Individuals of every kind and capacities can profit by being physically dynamic. Some physical movement is superior to anything none and the more you do the more advantages you pick up. The US Physical

see: ask to doctor online

Movement Guidelines give direction to most Americans on sorts and measures of physical action that are connected to medical advantages.

Eating savvy and being dynamic effectsly affect our wellbeing. These include:

Lessen the danger of cea

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Why Nutrition Education is Important in Child Development

Nutrition Education:

Nutrition education is the key to long life and healthy eating. Because the behavior of the child is starting in the earlier stage so it is important to provide healthy diet plan for every child. Nutrition education is essential for all human beings. It is an educational strategy which tells about environmental factors that how any food and diet plan prepare according to food choice and food nutrition. The education of nutrition is delivered among all human being through different activities and neutrinos. The nutrition education is adopted through learning in different institutes. A proper diet and nutation diet always give positive outcomes of health coaching. The main purpose of nutrition education is to provide skillful and knowledgeable activities for those people who are suffering from bad nutrition plan in life. India has a big challenge for public health in the development of the economy. Lack of the food, professional health nutrients and infrastructure i

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An NGO's effort to make health is wealth for children

‘Health is wealth’ is a familiar phrase and it becomes even more important with respect to children. The first five years of a child is considered to be the most crucial growth phase as a significant amount of development and learning happens during these formative years. And, an important aspect that promotes healthy growth is consumption of nutritious diet. Nutrition improves cognitive functioning, appropriate physical development, maintains energy levels, and provides enhanced immunity against infections and diseases. And, there is enough evidence to establish the relationship between nutrition, health, and learning.

benefits of mdm

So that every child receives the best of nutrition, many NGOs have taken it up as their core cause to provide wholesome meals to children mainly targeting the lower socio-economic strata of the society. One such NGO for children in India is The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Established in June 2000, this NGO implements the Mid-Day Meal Programme in government schools acr

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How right food matters for studies during exam?

It would not be wrong to say that exam fear has been in trend since time immemorial, and surprisingly it has remained unchanged! Doesn’t matter how brilliant a student is, exam time injects the fear in one and all. Even after attending motivational speeches, listening to loads of advice, and sitting through presentations on how to tackle exam tension, each and every child undergoes some degree of mental stress resulting in nervousness, blackout, panic, palpitation, and mood swings. Often times these changes also lead to eating disorder during exams. Some children may reduce their food intake, whereas others may consume twice or thrice their regular diet. Though unintentionally, but dietary change further disturbs the bodily equilibrium. So, it becomes imperative to maintain a good diet during exams, no matter how tensed the child is. Just like how the charity for children, The Akshaya Patra Foundation maintains the nutrition level in all their meals, no matter what is the menu and whic

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