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Will the dream of Women Empowerment in India ever materialize?


This is not so much on an inspirational stories for women out there to know only 25 percent of women who are making their on living in India says the last round of the National Family Health Survey. A mind-boggling, 61 percent of these working class women say that such decisions are made with collective consent of their family, while 17 per cent say that it's mostly the husband who takes the call. This situation appears to have been unchanged since the past decade.

 On the other hand, the said survey also finds that roughly 2/3rds of women  are now participating in major household decisions like women’s major household purchases, health care, and visits to their family and family. In fact women's social participation rate has seen an observable improvement over the past 10 years.

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Vadodara based company electrify the villages in Indonesia

by AlkeshPurohit7 months ago

In this high-tech world there are still many areas which don’t even have access to electricity which is our basic necessity. However a Baroda based company having expertise in the field of Biomass and waste Gasification is helping such areas to get access to the power with the help of biomass. There recent project is the islands of Indonesia to get them electrify after living in darkness for decades.

Watch Full Video: target="_blank">Vadodara based company electrify the villages in Indonesia

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by come1 year ago

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Xbox Support Number +1-855-338-0710 | Toll Free Helpline

by john211 year ago

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XBOX +1 855 338 0710 XBOX SUPPORT NUMBER www.xboxsupportnumber.commarked its presence in the gaming zone in 2001 with its gaming hardware- Xbox. The gamers have been confiding their interest in this impressive gaming hardware. since then, has been providing the gamers with different upgraded and more exciting versions of Xbox with more and more advanced features and games. The company revolutionised the community of xbox gamers with an introduction of Xbox Live. Xbox Live is an online gaming community for Xbox owners, where they can play together. It is a user friendly platform which keeps the gamers secure from hackers and other problems and even helps you enjoy better gaming experience.

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Video : Highlight All Goals Chelsea 3 - 1 Arsenal

Highlight All Goals Chelsea 3 - 1 Arsenal - Chelsea FC moved 12 points clear at the top of the Premier League with a comfortable win over Arsenal. Highlight Chelsea vs Arsenal  Eden Hazard has scored in three of his past four home games against Arsenal Marcos Dancer unsealed the scoring from immediate grasp when he headlike in the recuperate after Diego Bone's travail hit the crossbar. The Vapours twofold their steer seven proceedings after the domesticize when Eden Risk tucked the chunk then Petr Cech after a wonderful being run which began on the midway series. Cesc Fabregas put the gritty beyond his previous gild when he lobbed late Cech after a pinched clearance. Player Giroud scored a latterly solacement content for the visitors, who are now 12 points down their London rivals. continue reading →
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