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Google Remembers “Chipko movement” by creating doodles

posted by AlkeshPurohit 26 days ago
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Today is 45th anniversary of Chipko Movement.To refresh the memories of ‘Chipko movement’, the Google Doodle of 26th March is made from the title ’45th Anniversary of the Chipko Movement’. The Chipko movement was initiated by farmers to oppose the deforestation in Uttarakhand (then the Uttar Pradesh). They were annoying for the trees cut by the hands of contractors of the state forest department and claiming their claim on them. The movement started in 1973 in Chamoli district.  It reached every region of Uttarakhand within a decade.

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The evolution of Gujarati Cinema in recent days

posted by AlkeshPurohit 1 month ago
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Certain regional cinemas posed a stiff competition to the otherwise dominated Bollywood industry. Gujarati cinema was one of them. The word Evolution is used in the title as Gujarati cinema seemed to underperform a lot between the early 2000’s to mid 2000s’. There has been a lot of radical development in the quality of movies being produced in the Gujarati film industry. Let’s take a look at the brief timeline describing where it all started and where it has reached to what can be expected more.

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Mohamed Omar

posted by MohamedOmar 1 month ago
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Mohamed Omar A motivated and dedicated Digital Media enthusiast,  Mohamed Omar has almost 10 years of professional experience and success in the industry.

Beginning his career while he was still studying his bachelor’s degree, Mohamed secured a role as an editor for Washwasha Newspaper in 2008 and later as a reporter for Egyptian Television. In 2013, he progressed to the Digital Sub-Editor position but within three months moved to work Sarmady, a Vodafone company, as a Digital Managing Editor. After being in this position for a year, Mohamed was promoted to Entertainment Managing Editor, a role he remained in for two years. Mohamed Omar


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How to Update Aadhaar Card Details

posted by bhistrahul8 5 months ago
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A new deadline has been granted by the Government by four months for linking PAN with biometric identifier Aadhaar till December 31.Earlier the deadline for linking PAN with Aadhaar for taxpayers was to end on August 31.However, the deadline was extended by the Finance Ministry after many people complained they were not being able to link their Aadhaar with PAN due to mistakes. Also unmatched traffic to the Income Tax India website also slowed down the site. continue reading
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Center for the performing arts SLF

posted by sportsmed 7 months ago
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Learn classical dance and traditional drumming from professionals! Join the center for the performing arts SLF and be an expert in your favorite art! All beginners, intermediate and advanced trainings are given by professionals only.

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