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What is behind this new social network

Social networks continue to evolve and even appearing new ones like Peach or the great novelty, It. It is important to start by emphasizing that this is not really a What is behind this new social network, since it was launched in beta mode in mid-2014. Since then the social network that was still in diapers, has gone from a basically minimalist design in black and white to acquire an aspect more similar to Pinterest than any other social network.

Like many of the “new” social networks, aspires to be a substitute or at least a tough competitor of Facebook, although from the outset they said that it would not sell or provide the data of its users to third parties, or bombard them with advertising.

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Get Quality and Sophisticated Network components at CBO

Want to replace or upgrade your existing networking components? Here at CBO Connecting Technology, We offer a wide range of high-quality network equipment such as optical transmission solutions, fiber solutions, and data center components. To get more details or place your order please visit our website and check all the latest update in the technology.


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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud

hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud combines public and private clouds. It allows companies to mix and match the facets of all the types of cloud to best suit their requirements.

For example, a company can balance its workloads by locating mission –critical workloads on a secure private cloud and deploying less sensitive data on public one. It not only safeguards and controls strategically important assets but does so in the most cost- and resource effective way.

The major benefits are: The Major concerns are:
  • Makes sense only if companies can segregate their data into mission-critical and non-sensitive
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What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing  refers to sharing of resources, software and information through the internet. Information is stored on physical or virtual servers which are maintained by a cloud computing provider (Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services, Google Cloud, for example).

cloud-computingWith Cloud computing, you can use computing services- such as servers, storages, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence – over the web. Thus, the traditional hardware computing resources no longer form a key component of your fixed assets.

These flexible resources over the internet offer you a great option to lease- rather than purchase computing resources. Depending on your needs, you get economies of scale as you pay only for the cloud services that you use. This helps to lower your operational costs as well as scale your business as the organization’s needs change.

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Is IP Address enough to trace a user?

When you wish to trace someone through their IP address on the network, not only is the IP address needed but also the data and time details of the person accessing an IP address.

What happens when you want to browse on the internet?

You are assigned an IP address. Now an IP address is of the format ABCD.ABCD.ABCD.ABCD

Value of each ABCD ranges from 0 to 255. Each combination of the above will lead to a different address. An example of an IP address can be 1234.0A12.91BE.

Since the number of IP addresses are then, limited, a limited number of IP addresses exist in the world. Given the number of internet users and multiple devices accessing the internet, it is not always possible to assign a user a unique static IP address. So here comes the role of dynamic IP addresses.

Now, Dynamic IP is provided in real-time to users on the web. Dynamic IP or DHCP is provided by your ISP provider for a fixed time depending on location, date and time of the day.

Every time you access data on the

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How does firewall Work?

Firewall work like a filter between your computer network and the internet. You can program what you want to get out on the internet. Firewalls can be used in numerous ways to add security to your home or business. This ensures that your network is secure from cyber attacks.

Firewalls in business protection:

Large corporations employ multiple firewalls to protect their complex network data

On the outbound side, firewalls can be configured to prevent employees from transmitting sensitive data outside of the network

On the inbound side, firewalls can be configured to prevent access to certain social networking websites

Firewalls can prevent outside computers from accessing computers inside the network

Firewalls for Personal Use:

For home use, firewalls protect computers from malicious software(malware)

Firewalls prevent identity theft and prevent hacking techniques such as phishing of personal data

There are two ways a firewall can be programmed- to prevent traffic to pass throu

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Global Cloud Radio access network Market 2018-2023

The report covers market growth drivers and restraints, key market regulations’ information, analysis of new products from the market leaders and key market trends, market share analysis for major players, supply chain and distribution analysis, product and technology trends, pricing information, emerging applications, technologies and major recent market developments. This information has also been provided for the major country markets in these regions.

Market size and growth potential is assessed for these major country markets. Market growth drivers, restraints, government regulations, market share analysis by major competitors, recent major market developments (product launches, M&A, partnerships, etc.) and other information have been covered for the major country markets listed in this section.

Global Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN) Market

Table of Content

1 Introduction

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Outlook  

4 Global Cloud RAN Component Analysis

5 Global Clou

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How can a maintenance contract be beneficial to you

The 21st Century is the information age and every industry relies on technology to manage the information that they generate. This means that the underlying IT infrastructure has to be extremely robust to enable your organization’s growth. A poor IT infrastructure can in fact, become such a burden that the mental hassle may impede you from reaching your organization’s desired mission.


So what is an annual maintenance contract for IT services?


It is a signed agreement between two parties wherein one party agrees to maintain IT assets owned by another. Annual Maintenance contract for IT services (or IT/ITes AMC) can include AMC for servers, AMC for storage and AMC for network, AMC for laptops, AMC for desktops.

Laptops and desktops are computing systems. In today’s World, organizational needs are necessary for these, as nearly all the transactions between two parties are in digital format enabled by laptops and desktops computers. AMC for laptops and desktops include comprehensi

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