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Electronic music

posted by martyfoebell 6 months ago
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Electronic music is a loose term for music created using electronic equipment. Any sound produced by the means of an electrical signal may reasonably be called electronic, and the term is sometimes used that way---in music where acoustic performance is the norm, even the introduction of electronic amplifiers may touch off discussions of electronic music (jazz and folk music, for example, have gone through a good deal of argument about the topic).

As a category of criticism and marketing, however, electronic music refers to music produced largely by electronic components, such as synthesizers, samplers, computers, and drum machines. Theoretically, the music could include any of an array of other "instruments".

Contemporary electronic music includes many different styles, such as:

  • 2Step
  • Ambient
  • Big Beat
  • Breaks
  • Drum and Bass/Breakbeat
  • Electric Levantine
  • Electro
  • Electronic Body Music (EBM)
  • Electronica
  • Garage
  • Goa
  • Hardcore
  • House
  • Intelligent dance music (IDM)
  • Jungle
  • Noise
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Mohammad Rafi Hit Hindi Songs

posted by adeemk 8 months ago
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Mohammad Rafi Hit Songs available now on Google Play store. Mohammad Rafi Hit Songs is an android application designed for all kinds of android phones available right now. Mohamamd Rafi SOngsThis application allows you to get quick and easy access to the Mohammad Rafi Hit Songs. You can get all the famous and hit songs sung by Legend Mohammad Rafi on your android phone now by just one click. Mohamamd Rafi SOngs

The content provided in this "Mohammad Rafi Songs" application is available free on public domains. We are just providing the way to stream videos. We don't claim right on any file in this application. All the content provided in this application has the copy rights of their respective owners.

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Lata Mangeshkar Hit SOngs

posted by adeemk 8 months ago
tags: Bollywood music video songs oldsong india melody

Lata Mangeshkar Old SongsLata Mangeshkar Songs  available now on Google Play store. Lata Mangeshkar Old Songs is an android application designed for all kinds of android smartphones. Lata Mangeshkar Hit Songs is an application for Lata Mangeshkar fans where they can find all the songs of famous singer. Lata Mangeshkar Melody Songs has all kinds of vintage songs sung by the Legend herself in the past. Lata Mangeshkar Songs

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Music is everywhere

posted by kaspertoft 10 months ago
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Music is our life. This is what I do, together with my friends. We created a band years ago and have now managed to create our own website. We write about several musical instruments. From eletric dumsets to classical guitars.

We are placed in Denmark, and we would love to create unique content for you and also to help you out. Right now we are working on building an international website, so that you are able to read our content. We want to make the music industry easier.

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