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Moving Companies

Is the Moving Company Capable of Protecting Your Furniture While Moving?

It's not even a question of whether they can. It's a question of why they must. You’ve paid for it. The good thing is that most residential furniture movers in Blacksburg VA are capable of protecting your furniture during the move. Their staff are also professionally trained, and being that they’ve been doing relocation for a long time, they know exactly how to protect your furniture. Here are reasons you can trust your furniture relocation company in Blacksburg VA to protect your furniture while moving.

  • They have advanced relocation tools

If you were to do your home relocation yourself, you'd find that at the end, a lot of items will be damaged or have scratches and minor damages, and that's because you may not have the tools required for relocation. Residential furniture movers in Blacksburg VA use tools such as bumpers around doors to protect furniture and doors from scratches, protective blankets and plastic wraps wrapped around furniture, and even ledgers and belts to move t

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Things you may forget when planning a Move

There are so many things that people usually forget to pay attention to while planning a move. Here is a list of things for you to keep in mind to ensure that your move is safe and smooth with no loose ends.

Lunardi moving

Drain and disconnect all appliances

The movers are responsible for transporting the appliances. However, before they arrive, you must carefully drain those appliances and disconnect them. It is your responsibility, if you are the owner of the property, to service and reconnect them.

Notify financial institutions of the change of your address

You wouldn’t certainly like confidential information to fall in the wrong hands, thereby facing the risk of a huge fraud. Make sure you inform your banks, insurance brokers, investment advisors, and credit card companies of the change in your address in writing. Similarly inform the local post office of your move and request them to forward all your mail to the new address.Read More......

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