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Male Infertility - Causes and Treatment

Infertility is a condition of the reproductive system that prevents or delays pregnancy. If a couple has been unsuccessful in efforts to conceive over the course of one full year, in spite of having correctly timed and unprotected intercourse, then the couple is diagnosed with infertility. Male infertility refers to the man’s inability to impregnate a fertile female partner.

Causes of male infertility

Male fertility is a complex process comprising of the following events:

  • Production of healthy sperms
  • Transporting the sperms from the testicles to the semen
  • Having sufficient sperm count in the semen
  • Ensuring efficient motility of the sperm

Anything which causes hindrance to one of these events may lead to male infertility.

Environmental causes

Being overly exposed to heat, toxic metals, radiations and industrial chemicals are found to affect sperm production and functioning. Prolonged sitting, wearing tight clothing or working on a laptop computer for long stretches of time

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Amazon Fire Stick Support

Amazon, the biggest e-commerce retailer in America boasting of market capitalization of more than 800 billion dollars which puts it in the league of the largest companies in the world like Apple, Google and Microsoft, is working relentlessly to better its consumer experience through its new products. To know more details about fire stick, call now our Cisco certified Amazon Fire Stick Support technician or visit the official website: http://www.techserviceus.com/fire-tv-stick-prime-device-support

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Inquireindia 24x7 Online Digital Hindi News Portal, Update Latest News in hindi

Inquireindia Hindi News Portal - Update Latest News in hindi Live TV shows latest news, breaking news in Hindi, and news headlines from India, current affairs, cricket, sports, business, politics, society and cinema.

inquireindia hindi News

Breaking news in hindi

We have all the updated and ongoing news on our news portal  which is delivered to the public with all true facts.  To get more updated news users can visit our website- http://www.inquireindia.com/

 Latest news

Our news portal is popular for updating all the latest news which is delivered to the users effectively and timely. To get  more information about our portal users can visit our website http://www.inquireindia.com/latest-news/

 Entertainment News

Our portal has an entertainment segment as well in which one can know about  the bollywood stars, television stars, movies, link ups, break ups, and, etc. To know more about the entertainment news users can visit our website http://www.inquireindia.com/entertainment-news/

Political News


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This is how the tech giants make their billions

by mandiken27 days ago

They are the most valuable companies in the world. They make huge profits. Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have become indispensable to the daily lives of billions of people. But her greatest strength is her biggest weakness.

Who invested $ 100 in Amazon in 1997, today is $ 63,900 richer. The gigantic return is evidence of the historic transformation of the economy that has taken place in the last twenty years. The tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Apple are the economic engines of our time. They are not just companies. Their use is virtually a fundamental right for billions of people.

 Through their irreplaceable services, they have become the most valuable companies in the world. Undisputed leader is Apple: Meanwhile, the iPhone maker on the stock market is worth over 800 billion dollars. Google mother alphabet brings it now at least to over 600 billion dollars market capitalization. Together, all Big Five have a stock market weight of nearly $ 3 t continue reading →
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Buy New Stylish Jewelry for Cat Lovers - Loxlux Jewelry

The black gun cat pendant has white enamel eyes, ears and yellow whiskers that give it an attractive look. These long necklaces complement deep-cut outfits. You can also pair them with short necklaces for a bit more styling.  Source From

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Office 365 mailbox backup with AES 256-bit Encryption

 Free download Office 365 Backup Tool. You can easily backup all the data to Office 365 mailbox including emails, contacts, calendars and tasks to Encrypted backup file. One of the best thing about the tool is Incremental Backup with AES 256-bit Encryption.

If you want to backup selective Mailbox from Office 365 to Encrypted file, you can accomplish the backup using EdbMails office 365 backup tool.

Features of Office 365 Backup

  • You can set Private Encryption Key for the backup for an additional protection for your data
  • Save Office 365 Mailbox backup on your local computer or on network / shared drives
  • Incremental backup: Consecutive backup will only backup newly added items to your mailbox there by saves bandwidth, disk space and time.
  • Keeps upto 30 incremental versions on your local backup
  • Highly Compressed and Incremental backup will enhance backup performance
  • Granular backup of Office 365 mailbox can backup Emails, Contacts, and Calendar, task etc.
  • Configure backup in 2
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Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh | Solutions1313

Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh | Solutions1313

Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh | Solutions 1313 -Solutions 1313  is one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh. We are providing complete one stop in Digital Marketing like PPC, SEO, ORM and Facebook Marketing. If you are willing to get more leads and sales in your business and if you want to get desired results from your investment in digital marketing. Then, Solutions 1313 is here to help you to achieve your digital needs. We think in your shoes and get you the best strategy to make benefit of Digital media. Get started with one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh.

The reason why choose Solutions 1313 as the Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh-

Being in the team of digital marketing for more than 10 years now. Solutions 1313 has always focused on the evolving and increasing need for Search Engine Optimization. We have to keep in mind that successful digital marketing is not just a one-time endeavour. We believe that it an ongoing proce

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Is SEO Truly Losing Its Significance As A Specialized Digital Marketing Service?

Is SEO Truly Losing Its Significance As A Specialized Digital Marketing Service   For the past couple of years, people in general have started believing that SEO is no longer a specialized skill. Rather they have come to perceive it as a basic aspect of digital marketing, which every professional operating in the niche ought to be aware of. In fact, many organizations believe it to be such a generalized concept that they consider hiring the services of an SEO company in San Francisco to be a waste of time and money. While many organizations have understood the significance of SEO for ensuring consistent online growth, there are still several others which firmly believe it to be a redundant practice. The onus of clearing this misconception lies with the companies offering San Francisco SEO services. To ensure this the companies need to make the organizations aware of the SEO best practices and how these can prove beneficial for online business growth. In addition, the SEO companies need to establish strong connections with the clients and offer timely guidance a continue reading →
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Why Get a Big Data Analytics Report

Big data analytics has inspired many businesses to make informed decisions and help them decode information and understand logistics, patterns, calculation, analytics and statistics. There’s an increasing need to collect and store all raw figures and facts so that you don’t miss something important. One of the main concerns of the IT industry is to analyze such data as it plays an essential role in improving business practices, beating competitors and making decisions. That’s where you can benefit from a big data analytics report.

Raw information is useless unless it can be evaluated by competent professionals. In the world of business, you have to think of ways to stay ahead of your competition. This includes your brand and how you market it, your store’s layout and your location. Getting a big data analytics industry report can help you look at significant data factors and give your business an edge over the competition.

When you hire big data analytics services, you will get acces

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Loving, Honest and Friendly Pakistani Indian Escorts in Dubai

Dubai is the very busiest cities in the world and that is why this city is developing day by day. It has now become a business hub as well. Globally people come here for different purposes. Tall and beautiful buildings, shopping malls, desert, and Burj e Khalifa is the main attraction of Dubai. Every year thousands of people from countries visit this city just for the trip. Getting visa for UAE is not a tough task. Every kind of people you will see here.

If you are really a romantic or loving person so, Dubai is the best for you because here you will get the best entertainment services. There are many Pakistani and Indian Escorts in Dubai are working in Dubai and offering their services. If you would like to go out with your favorite Indian Pakistani lady so, you can make a special date. You can choose your favorite girl like Pakistani escorts in Dubai or Indian escorts in Dubai.

We are one of the popular agencies in Dubai and here you will see best and VIP escorts in Dubai. Clients

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