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Marketing Automation

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Market | North America to hold major share

The artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing market was valued at USD 5.00 Billion in 2017 and is likely to reach USD 40.09 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 29.79% during the forecast period. The base year considered for the study is 2017, and the forecast period is between 2018 and 2025.

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Among deployment types, the market for cloud deployment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR between 2018 and 2025. Several businesses have already moved part of their operations to the cloud, which has encouraged vendors to develop cloud-based solutions as the data to be protected is on the cloud.

Among end-user industries, the enterprise industry holds the largest share of the AI in marketing market. The enterprise industry is using AI in marketing for various applications, such as virtual assistants, sales and marketing automation, analytics, and social media advertising.

The AI in marketing market in APAC is e

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5 Awesome Email Automation Strategies for 2019

Email Automation Strategies

As technology progresses, the need for human involvement in day-to-day manual tasks is marginally decreasing and the same applies for email marketing.

It has always been a standard practice to send out marketing material via emails manually, which, let’s be honest, is at the least inefficient and not sustainable for your business’s long-term growth. This has all changed in the past 5-7 years, since email marketing automation emerged. 


What is Email Marketing Automation?

In simple terms, email marketing automation is a process of automatically sending emails to your subscribers/customers in response to certain triggers.

As a marketer it's up to you to choose what customers’ behavior/actions should trigger those emails to be sent. The content of those emails is also dependent on several factors, with one of them being the nature of the customers’ actions which triggered that email to be sent.

The simplest example of email automation would be: as a user visits your website for t

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Marketing automation 2018 and beyond

by janebush088 months ago

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. The field is also heavily integrated with sales. When companies first launch, they’re typically run by builders and sellers. Builders create the product, while sellers are out in the field forging 1:1 connections with potential customers. Marketing automation helps you stay connected with your audience (and find more people just like them), so you can eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on other parts of your business. This type of marketing automation typically generates significant new revenue for companies, and provides an excellent return on the investment required. The best way to overcome the limitation of time is by automating some of your processes — and marketing is one area ripe for automation. The key for small businesses is f

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Marketing Automation Explanation through Infographic

Small and medium businesses may not be competing globally, but the fact is that like it or not, large enterprises are competing globally and locally. From FMCG to hospital equipment, from automotive to engineering, small and medium players are in competition not just with each other but with the big players too. So, it is no surprise that SMBs would seek solutions that can help level the playing field to some extent, and punch above their weight in this unfairly pitched marketing battle. Marketing automation can be a game changer for small and medium businesses that work with stretched resources and limited budgets. And to corroborate that, consider the 150% growth of the Marketing Automation vendor landscape (from 38 to 284) in the past 3 years .

Read more  - https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/marketing-automation-2/are-smbs-leading-the-marketing-automation-boom-our-quicktech-infographic-series-explores-the-story/

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