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Top 5 Business Skills to Master

1 ) Communication

Communication skills are the most important thing that one should learn when running a business. When you are great in communication you can manipulate people to work upon your decisions. Also, while hiring a candidate for your business, communication skills can help you hire the perfect candidate. Communication with your clients can either make or break your deal. 

2 ) Networking

Networking plays a key part in the growth of your business. The more networks that you have that can help your business, the faster the growth of your business. Networking is the must have skill every businessman should learn. 

3 ) Stress Management

Managing a business is very stressful and requires great stress management skills. There will be many situations where you will have to overcome stress and major disappointments that would require you to manage stress and find the path to a positive outcome. 

  4 ) Talent Sourcing

Running a business cannot be done by a single person it re

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Enterprise Asset Management

by vinukumar0510 months ago

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a computerized application that tracks the entire lifecycle of an asset including procurement, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning. An asset can be an infrastructure, facility, power plant, warehouse, building, stationary equipment, a fleet of moving assets, public utilities, transmission lines, water distribution lines, telecom towers etc.

EAM offers a holistic perspective looking at the asset lifecycle from different angles – capital allocation, running costs and total cost of ownership, project, process, performance, maintenance, risks, compliance, safety, and sustainability. EAM is an enterprise system and thus lays emphasis on a full-service solution, multi-site architecture, and integration with enterprise systems.

EAM facilitates the enterprise to view the asset at different hierarchical levels and helps in seamlessly rolling up the information from individual assets to a system of assets. Such system of assets can be

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