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Kitchen Design

Finding the best granite countertop for your dream kitchen

1. Polished granite (glossy finish)

Polished granite is most used granite for countertops in kitchen which is reflective and used to create the small kitchens larger spaces. This granite is bright, shiny and tends to improve the crystals of the stone and colour. A polished granite will create the color of the kitchen shows much darker and richer.

2. Honed granite (matte finish)

Honed granite countertops for kitchen are not polished. For a more beauty look, we advise combining the honed granite with kitchen cabinets that have a bright surface.This countertops have a easy surface like glossy finish, they do not exhibit scratches easily. However unlike glossy finish, this granite countertops can stain easily. This type of matte finish can really create the color of the stone fade.

These are the best granite types for the kitchen. Sekhar & Co provides the best modular kitchen in chennai with best design and affordable price. Customers are also visiting the modular kitchen designs in ch

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Latest trends in Kitchen Design

Are you finding for the correct type of new and fancy kitchen cabinets for your modern kitchen then you don’t have too much difficult for looking the right designs online. There are lot of modern cupboards that saves a lot of space and gives new style to your interiors. The baseline is to stay with the trends while also finding for economical options. It’s available to find options that are trends and economical too.

Modular kitchens

Modular kitchen designs are the famous and modern choice for different types of property owners. It is comfortable for cases where space is absolutely a major force and also you don't want to agreement all the style. One can find wall cupboards and crockery units which reduce space and at the same time it makes sure that your kitchen appliances, crockery etc. It also help you to maintain your whole kitchen too.


These are the best kitchen ideas for small kitchens. Sekhar & Co provides the best modular kitchen in chennai with best design and affordable

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Essential Accessories for a Modular Kitchen

For the house owners, a kitchen commonly comes to mind sleek modular units that are very impressive. The important thing of modern kitchens lies with the modular kitchen accessories which for creating storage etc. Find the below ideas to implementing the sleek kitchen accessories?

1. Tall Pantry unit

Normal Indian kitchen should have generous storage space for ingredients.

The main thing for ingredients placed on the kitchen racks for daily cooking

In modular kitchen a tall unit with generous storage for ingredients is an required accessory. Commonly, the unit can come with a pull-out system which is easily accessible for bottles and other things at the back.

2. Lift-up cabinet doors

Most kitchen cupboard doors open outbound. An open door gives the effective risk of injury when heads unexpectedly hit against kitchen appliances that create the kitchen environment safer. They create the simplicity to move about the kitchen.

3. Pull-out baskets or drawers :

While customary cupboar

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How to design and build your dream kitchen

The necessary thing to think before starting to structure the kitchen is how it is used. Never give up the style of your favorite kitchen for the end of minute because it will change the design and flow of the remaining portion of the house as well. In addition the kitchen can really be quite long to design as all the particular spaces and work areas required to flow correctly so that no storage space is wasted. It is important to start the design process of your kitchen along with all the other rooms in the home , So that it is well beautified into the house.

Work spaces and Flow :

There are 5 work spaces in the smart kitchen a, storage area,preparation area and cooking stove, pantry area, sink area. The pantry area of the kitchen should be occupied for food storage and the refrigerator, when the storage area of the kitchen should be occupied for cookware, kitchen appliances and utensils etc..

The sink are would be the washing area of the appliances and the preparation area should

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Choose the Best Kitchen Sink for Indian Homes

A smart kitchen is commonly not beautify a lot while designing a house anyhow, add some of the few things to your cooking area to create it show beautiful. Sink is the must have elements for every kitchen.Make a room with sink which gives functional and stands out.

1. Single steel sink :

If you have a small kitchen then the good choice will be a single bowl steel sink. Because it is in small and are large for saving counter storage space. In addition, steel sinks are more longer than others.

2. Inbuilt sink :

If you are looking modern touch then inbuilt sink is highly recommended. Otherwise normal sink is enough. Inbuilt sinks can be created of all the material which provides you many options to choose the best.

3. Sink with a drip tray

Single steel bowl with a drip tray. is most important and popular types of kitchen sink and it is found in common Indian homes. This design create it for you to reduce the excess of water after cleaning the utensils without splash it around the ki

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Space creating ideas for small kitchens

Having a narrow kitchen that you have to fight with some space crunch, reduce that problem focus on space saving solutions and accept in style and functionality. A tiny kitchen is challenging but it is comfortable and could easily be turned into comfortable. Here are the some tricks and solutions of creating space.

Simple solutions to create space in the small kitchen to To make a small space feel so much bigger

1.Stay in tune with mighty new technology

Change with new technology and revamp the tiny kitchen with current new cooking stove which is compact cooking equipment put together into one unit. Even the cooks will get it convenient to cook in. With oven fixed with cook top means don’t use another space for it. Do inquiry before buying any small kitchen gadget and will get that small-space models are applicable for every gadget, containing refrigerator.

2. Shrinking the sink

It’s not difficult that cleaning in single bowl sink. Single bowl occupy less space instead of two bowl

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5 Important measurements for the Indian Kitchen

Most of us pass a lot of time in the kitchen. The following are a few important things to make sure that the kitchen is more comfortable to do your activity..

In India most of the people used semi modular kitchen. the structure and the counters of the modular kitchens are representative by the builders

1. Counter Height

The optimal height of the Indian women is 34 . According to the height Ideally, there are three different counter height.

Preparation Surface

The elevation of this surface is slightly more than 34", which is about 3" to 4" beneath the elbow. This is normally used to cut vegetables and the preparation work.

Cooking Surface

This is the elevation of which the cooking happens, It is about 2" lower than the preparation surface and 5" under the elbow, about 34". This is for the hot oil does not splashed at the face height.

Low-level Surface

This one is around 8" under the elbow. This is mainly used for intensive tasks where you can kneading dough, butchering meat etc

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Your fastest way to brand new Home Interior Designs

Looking for interior design solution for modular kitchen, wardrobe or full home interiors online? Then HomeLane is the perfect place to be! HomeLane makes choosing, customizing and installing a modern modular kitchens and wardrobes easy. With 1000's of online modular kitchen and wardrobe designs to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here you will find multiple expert Interior Designers, who will co-create your dream home interiors with you, offering you a diverse collection of designs, materials, and budgets to choose from. Pick from the trendy L-shaped and U-shaped to the stylish Parallel and G-shaped modular kitchens design, we guarantee you will find one that works best for your apartment, villa, or independent house. Our spacious wardrobes are perfect for modern, contemporary homes and come in a plethora of color combinations to choose from. Crafted from the finest materials and available in a number of designs and finishes, our latest modular kitchens, wardrobes and othe

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