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iPhone App Development Company

As being a top notch iPhone App Development Company, we provide robust, industry specific & adaptable iPhone App Development Services to SMEs, enterprises & startups across USA, Australia and across the globe.

iPhone App Development Services

Undoubtedly, Apple’s iOS is the most advanced mobile app platform in the world with over 2 million iOS applications in the Apple’s App Store, which is projected to reach up to 5.06 million by 2020, according to statista.com.

At Vnnovate Solutions, we’re strategists and full stack iPhone app developers, who know how to develop latest iOS 12 compatible mobile applications and deliver comprehensive iOS app development services.

Our team has rich industry experience and in-depth technical expertise to develop business-centric iPhone apps that help enterprises to stay ahead in the market. We design, develop, and launch iPhone apps that deliver consistent value at every step of the iPhone application development lifecycle.

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Top 3 Situations When You Need iPhone Battery Replacement

We all love our iPhone, especially when we just unboxed it and are using it new. There’s no doubt that everything fades away with time, same is with the iPhone. After it’s been time using the iPhone, you might start observing the battery issues like quick draining of the battery or it might start taking too much time to charge. At that time you will start searching for the mobile battery replacement in Singapore, but it is also necessary to know what might have caused it.

Here are the three situations when your battery might start creating issues, and you will need to seek battery repairing options for it:

1. Overheating: Sometimes you might observe that your iPhone battery is getting overheated, not once or twice but many times. It is the clear indication that there’s something wrong with it. Reach out to the professionals and get your battery checked and if there’s a serious problem, step up for a replacement.

2. The Battery is Not Staying for Longer: It’s a common situation t

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How to Restore iPhone Data Very Easily And Efficiently

The iPhones are not only the devices you use to call, message, check emails and click selfies; these are also a powerful memory. They store lots of memories in the form of photos, videos, and various essential files. However, these extremely well-designed smartphones may plunge you in data loss problems. Saving your critical files on your iPhone without keeping a backup can cause severe damage to your life or work. If you lost your data, seeking iPhone Data Recovery Service in Singapore is the best option you can go for. Irrespective of the cause of data loss, your data can be recovered 100% even without any backup.


So you can be able to restore iPhone data using any of these methods:

A) Recover iPhone Data From iTunes Backup

B) Recover iPhone Data From iCloud Backup

C) Recover iPhone data using iPhone Data Recovery


A) Recover iPhone Data From iTunes Backup

Apple facilitates its users with the ability to keep their data safe and secure with the convenient feature of backing

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Become an iOS software expert!

by Jennyheaven4 months ago

Swipe away your touchscreen troubles and rekindle your love of Apple’s mobile devices.

Adware popping up on old iOS.

We use an old iPad mini that’s running iOS 9.3.5 to control our Sonos system. When trying Chrome on it, a persistent pop-up appeared announcing “Congratulations! Google Benutzer!” telling me I’d been “selected to win today’s prize”. What should I do next?Thankfully that’s not actually malware, but well-known adware, though that can be almost as annoying. If you can, clear Chrome’s history immediately, then force it to quit (see bit.ly/mffqios). Next, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Scroll down the list of apps until you locate Chrome, tap it, and tap Delete App. That will remove the app and all its data from your iPad. Turn your iPad off, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on. You can reinstall Chrome then, if you wish.

Because iOS apps run in strictly enforced sandboxes, keeping their data to themselves, there should be no risk of the adware affecting o

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FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

FenSens is a license plate based smart wireless parking sensor on your smartphone. It's an affordable UPGRADE for ANY Car installing in less than 5 min, with no wires, and includes a hands-free App (Android/iOS) that launches instantly providing convenient audio, visual, and vibration alerts when objects are detected in front or behind your vehicle. No complex setup or installation fees. Use your smartphone with an included app. Easy-to-use App launches hands-free instantly even if your phone is in your pocket (iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification).


• App launches instantly hands-free and allows you to easily access other connected car apps (Works best with screen lock off and iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification). App can launch with Siri and Google Voice Commands after hitting the TAP button once. Say "Open FenSens" anytime and the app will launch on Android. On iOS you an also tap the home screen button to launch Siri, then say "Hey Siri, launch FenSens

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How to fix iphone won't connect to the aol issue?

                                             Aol mail won’t load in iphone

In today’s world most of us prefer accessing emails on our phone  because it is handy. As we access emails on our phone, we also come across many issues . One of the most common issues  is Aol won't load in iphone.Sometimes suddenly your aol stops loading in your iphone and you wonder what exactly went wrong.

  1. Check if your iphone is not in flight mode- Putting the phone in flight mode restricts phone’s access to the network which in turn wont allow the email to load. So you need to check if the flight mode is enabled in your phone, if it is enabled, you need to disable it and try to load the mail again.
  2. Restore or reset your network settings- Poor network communication  with the network also affect the loading of mail in iphone.So in order to fix the problem you need to reset your network settings. To reset the network settings, you need to  go to the settings on your phone, when you are on the settings of
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The best technique to introduce WhatsApp Business for PC on your Windows workstation or Mac is by utilizing an Android emulator. There are numerous celebrated Android emulators, yet we prescribe Bluestacks in view of its sans bugs condition and smooth interface.

WhatsApp Business for Windows PC

To introduce WhatsApp Business for Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC, pursue the means underneath:

Download Bluestacks Android emulator for your Windows PC.

Download WhatsApp Business for PC .apk document and place it on your work area.

Simplified the apk document inside Bluestacks.

Adhere to on-screen guidelines to begin the establishment procedure.

When an establishment is finished, dispatch WhatsApp Business from inside bluestacks.

WhatsApp Business for Mac

For the establishment of WhatsApp Business for Mac on iMac, MacBook Pro or Air, pursue the means underneath:

Download Bluestacks or some other Android emulator which is accessible for macOS. Look at our rundown of best Androi

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Apple iphone for sale

Extreme Ears Super.fi 5vi Headset

The Super.fi 5vi headset includes a little superior mouthpiece for sans hands approaches your iPhone. The in-line multi-work catch lets you answers and finishes calls or controls music and video with the dash of a catch. Apple iphone for sale

Item Details

Particularly intended for use with your iPhone, the coordinated voice usefulness permits one-contact respond in due order regarding without hands calls. The Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5vi headset brags a multi-work link catch that answers and closures telephone calls, or controls music and video playback.

Greatest solace and clamor decrease


Proficient review sound quality

One-contact call reply

Worked in amplifier on the link

Music and video playback control

Decision of earbud for better commotion constriction and cozy fit

Same sonic signature as the custom genius screens

- 26dB of commotion seclusion

Minimal, lightweight plan

Apple Recommends for...

Top sound quality and iPhone usefulnes

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Smartphone repair training

by Ra1 year ago

The iPhone is a fantastically helpful bit of innovation that alongside different cell phones has figured out how to reform numerous parts of regular daily existence. We utilize our advanced cells keeping in mind the end goal to look into where we are and to get headings places, we utilize them to discover eateries, bars and petroleum in our general vicinity. We utilize them to peruse books and play diversions on the prepare, we utilize them to tune in to music and play films... indeed we can even now utilize them to examine standardized identifications and to alter photographs. On account of all the applications downloadable from the 'cloud' that are being produced each day, the sky truly is the point of confinement as far as what these things can do.

There's only one drawback truly, and that is the relative fragility of the smartphone repair training screen - and nearly everybody who has possessed one has sooner or later dropped it and broken the screen. Since the iPhone is a touch s

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jak toteż skonstruować by bliski pomocny telefon był naprowiony

Niepodważalnie, dotyczy zatem przede wszelkim z zastosowania niezdrowego parawanu (4") o nieznacznej rozdzielczości (1136 x 640 punktów), jaki nie istnieje targ prądożerny, a nie dużej bateryjki. iPhone SE silnie zapamiętuje akumulator o kubaturze jeno około 1600 mAh. Przebiegłość owym Apple zamontowało na cokolwiek prądożerne wycinki, niby SoC A9 albo kosteczek OPRAW modelu LPDDR4. Receptura politechniczna smartfonu zamyka zachodzące momenty oraz fragmenty: 4-calowy monitor Retina o rozdzielczości 640 x 1136 pikseli (326 ppi), poświacie 500 cd/m2, kontraście 800:1 z skorupą oleofobową (odpad 3D Touch) dwurdzeniowy mikroprocesor Apple A9 spośród koprocesorem posuwu M9 (może) 2 GB pamięci chirurgicznej RAM 16 miłuj 64 położenia na określone cela FaceTime HD 1,2 Mpix f/2.4 cwaniak zdjęciowy iSight 12 Mpix spośród punktami o formacie 1,22 µ, nagrywaniem wideo w kategorii 4K, sztancą BSI tudzież diafragmą f/2.2 dodatkowo karierą Live Photos (niedostatek OIS) Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2,

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