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Differences between MariaDB vs. PostgreSql ?

MariaDB vs Postgresql both are the open source databases, which has features of various types of support and development, as well as enterprise versions. Across several industries, Postgresql is used by large corporations and organizations such as BioPharm, e-Commerce, Education, Finance, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, etc. On the other hand, MariaDB databases are used by the large corporation and Linux distributions such as Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Tencent, HP, Virgin Mobile, WordPress.com, etc.

Difference between MariaDB vs PostgreSQL

1. Postgresql is the world most advanced open source database with lots of robust features. On the other hand, MariaDB is the binary drop-in replacement which is used instead of the MySQL version, the new version of MariaDB comes with lots of advanced features and better performance.
2. Postgresql database supports the languages of Net, C, C++, Delphi, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl. MariaDB database supports a lo
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php interview questions

Appointing the suitable PHP developer is a crucial job for a company that want to develop their online existence. If you are attempting to find a suitable job in PHP, preparing the right php interview questions can aid you. If you are seeking a PHP job, reading some of the basic and commonly asked php interview questions for freshers will be helpful for you. Here are some important tips on what you should do before going for an interview -

1. Research

Research is essential for get ready for any job interview. You should learn more about the company where you are applying for job. Also, you should consider some simply and fundamental things like the company’s role in the marketplace, competitors, clients, major projects or products, mission statement etc. Another important thing to consider is the job. This consist of your real job profile, the projects you will expected to be working on, upcoming growth prospects etc. Ultimately, you should consider the interview itself. Try to know

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AWS Interview Questions

This is the right place for Top 100 AWS Interview questions and answers for freshers or experienced. Amazon web services interview questions are in objective type framed by our AWS training experts, This helps you to crack the interview successfully and improve your AWS technical skills. Now a day everything is rotating around cloud platforms, Amazon web services are the most trending cloud platform nowadays with market share 33% ahead of all cloud service platforms. We offer AWS online course and AWS classroom training by expert trainers to give you practical software industry exposure to meet present IT Demands.

Click here for Top 100 AWS Interview Questions and Answers

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8 Steps on how to prepare for a job interview - JobRino

In interviews, you need to convince an interviewer that you have the skills, knowledge, experience and you are fit for the job.  There is a number of things to do before and after the Job Interview. Below are the tips on how to prepare for a job interview.


1.    Self-Talk (Be Prepared): Think that you are prepared.  I can do this.  Stay calm and relaxedThis job is will going to be mine.  I can go through this interview. Repeat phrases like these in your head.

2.    Breathe Slowly: Deep breaths to calm your nervousness. Don’t over breathe and hyperventilate yourself.

3.    Release your Muscle Tension:  Release your muscle that focuses entirely on relaxing every part of your body “and not moving towards the next body part until the first feels relaxed. Relax your toes first, then working upward to the top of your head. 

4.    Visualize Success: If you don’t believe you will get the job, you won’t, your negative thinking will flatten your performance. Instead, picture yourself

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How to prepare for a job interview - JobRino

The most important part of a job interview is the beginning. That’s when you have an opportunity to make a great impression—or a not so good one—on your interviewer. One boss, I worked for told me that he knew within the first 30 seconds or so whether the person had a shot at getting hired.

You probably have a little more time than that, but it’s important to make the best impression you can within the first few minutes of meeting your interviewer.

Carry it on throughout the interview, so you have a good shot at getting a second interview and a job offer.


  • Research the company: Find out what the mission of the company is, how long it’s been around, how many employees it has, and what your position would be if you got the job. If the company has a motto, memorize it. Make sure you know as much about it as you can so you can impress your interviewers and show them how much you care.
  • Review the job posting: Know as much as you can about the job.
  • Check out the interviewer on Linked
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First thing an interviewer looks. Best place to search for jobs - JobRino

Job Interview doesn’t start with the first question. Hiring manager begins to assess candidates from the moment they arrive. Things they notice first are;

  1. Your Arrival Time: Arriving a few minutes early, about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview time – serves two purposes. It proves that you’re organized, reliable and eager. It also allows you to have some time to compose yourself, use the restroom and prepare for the conversation.
  2. Your Attire: Most employers are able to decide whether to or not to hire a person at the first phase of an interview. And the very first impression is the visual impression. So if you are undressed like you are not serious about the job interview –by not dressing professionally or not paying attention to small details such as shoes or clothes, you could be rejected before you’ve even started.
  3. Your Body Language: A lean posture can demonstrate a lack of confidence or boredom. It’s important to make eye contact while listening and speaking, offer
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How to introduce yourself at a job Interview : JobRino

This the most common question for the sales or marketing and other related jobs in interviews. One of the things an interviewer wants to know about applicants whether they can sell, and what sales strategies and techniques they use. They ask you to demonstrate your approach to selling a product as part of the interview. Be prepared to pitch a product or service, even though you don't know what you will be asked to sell.


You might be asked to sell the interviewer a pen, a pencil, a stapler, an apple, or some other object. As with other hypothetical questions, there will be no right answer, but the employer will be interested in the sales process that you follow, your verbal communication skills, and your enthusiasm and creativity.

If you want to sell the pen, you ask the buyer questions. You ask him how long he's been looking for a pen, why he wants a pen, what owning a pen means to him.

Make sure that you are positive and excited about the product as you introduce it. You might sa

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How to write an effective resume to find a job - JobRino

A resume as “self-advertisement” it is a written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments all should be in reverse chronological order (i.e., starting with your most recent job first). This type of resume affords you the opportunity to highlight your most outstanding talent, skills, and expertise first.


Most professional positions require applicants to submit a resume and cover letter as part of the application process.

All resume needs to be divided into four sections: Summary of Qualifications, Education and Certifications, Work Experience and Technical Skills [or Additional Skills and Activities].

Include big achievements. Include specific details about what you achieved in former

  • Keep it short. Not more than two or more pages. Since the average hiring manager spends only six seconds on each resume they review; you need to be as concise as possible.
  • Remove irrelevant or outdated experience. Avoid including anything that occurred over
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How to Respond to an Interview Invitation - JobRino

It’s a good idea to accept and confirm with an email, even if you have spoken to the hiring manager or human resources representative on the phone. Ideally, you'll send this email soon after the notice (often a phone call, or perhaps an email) about the interview.

Hence the importance of proper etiquette when responding and dealing with a company even from the early stages in the recruitment selection process. If you know that you have applied for a few positions consider checking your email frequently and answer all requests as soon as possible. Give a call back if they go to voicemail.

The structure of your interview response should include:
  1. Formal greeting and salutation (Dear Mr. /Ms).
  2. Thanking the recruiter/hiring manager and accepting the invitation.
  3. Confirmation of scheduling details (date, time, interviewer, location).
  4. Alternative time and date if you have a scheduling conflict.
  5. Request for a reply to confirm interview scheduling details.
  6. Proper closing salutations (S
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How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview - JobRino

Job seekers are constantly introducing themselves. It’s an essential part of the business networking and interview process.


Regardless if you’re meeting someone new or answering the interview question “tell me about yourself,” here’s what to cover in your 30-second introduction:

  • Who you are – your title or professional identifier
  • Where you’ve been ‒ a very concise education history
  • What you’re best at ‒ key competencies you can demonstrate via accomplishments.
  • Why you’re currently in the market ‒ your reason for looking for a job
  • What you’re looking for and why ‒ your search goals and reasons for that path


Hi/Hello, I would like to thank you to introduce myself.

I am Eric Lyons, I am from Reston, Virginia

I'm a student at Virginia University, where I am pursuing/completed my Bachelor of Business in marketing, I was active in the college student council association. I did my Intermediate at Springfield High School.

My Hobbies is playing shuttle, A Passion for m

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