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Integrated Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Robots: Pros and Cons

Manufacturing warehouses witnessing a major change from human labor to warehouse robots. As human work would not completely go out of the picture, their role will change to operate robots. The main purpose of Artificial intelligence is to create the system that thinks, works, and processes situations in a human-like manner but with half the time than humans take to complete particular tasks. Manufacturers and Retailers are looking forward to robots in their warehouse, as they reduce logistical costs.

In warehouses, robots can pick up complete product shelves and drop it to different packing locations in warehouse itself. With help of sensors robots avoid collisions, algorithm built in bots determine picking and dropping decisions.


The main advantages of warehouse robots are time effectiveness and cost reduction. Human labor requires leaves, lunch breaks, insurance and many several benefits but as robots come into picture, all these requirements are eliminated and they

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