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Indian Saree

Silk Saree - A graceful outfit for every Indian woman

India is a hub country for silk production with 5 major production states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir. Whenever it comes to choosing one option for saree, we can't ignore silk because of its vast variety of color and designs.

Nowadays silk sarees are trending in the market, but because of the several available options in a silk saree it's quite difficult to know which one to choose out of the bundle, today I will try to make clear about the differentiation between all available options.


1. Kanjivaram sarees

The Kanjivaram Saree includes three parts in its pattern - body, border and pallu with contrast designs of the body and border which gives it entirely bright buttery look. Mulberry silk threads, metallic threads and dyes are the main raw materials in this saree. The pallu of kanchipuram sarees is woven separately with bright threads and then attached, carefully to body & border. These days you can see almost every bollywood

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Trending Indian Georgette Saree, Silk Sari and Pure Chiffon Sarees

Saree is a single piece draping outfit of size six to nine yards, which wraps around a woman's body in different ways. The Saree is one of the most historic outfit which is worn by approximately 75 percent of the female citizenry of India. Many people assume that Saree culture started before the ancient sacred literature of the Hindu theology.

There are different styles of draping sarees, and these styles vary according to region, ethnic culture, society and personal styles. The general technique of wrapping a saree includes wind it around the waist and then wrap it around the upper body. Women generally wear underclothes of a tight blouse and skirt similar cloth around the waist to provide the basic support for wrapping the fabric of the saree.

The best profit of the Indian Sari is that it is accessible in all the different patterns and styles according to women's choice but also making it a tough task to choose one option out of so many available alternatives. Indian women are spec

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