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Hp Computer Technical Support

Run Hardware Diagnostics Tests to Fix HP Computer Startup Issue

Once in a while, your HP computer might break into the startup issues, where your computer simply refuses to start and show some error message on your computer screen. There are several causes of the computer startup issues like incorrect installation of software, the conflict between applications and software and more.  Here, you can troubleshoot the problem with DIY solutions, we have mentioned below with complete HP Computer Support.

Run Hardware Diagnostics Tests To Fix HP Computer Startup IssueIf your HP computer does not startup and shows some issues, then you should try to run Hardware Diagnostics Tests to troubleshoot the problem. The test will help you isolate the problem with appropriate solutions-

Desktops - Hard drive is detected in BIOS but the computer does not start:

The Hardware Diagnostics System Fast Test verifies the major workings of your HP computer to ensure that they are functioning or not. Proceed with the steps given and below to use the fast test-  

  • First of all, you need to press and hold the power button and wait
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