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How to stop a foreclosure on your home

At Fennec Advocates we regularly work with homeowners to prevent foreclosure on their homes. We are frequently asked, often at that last minute, 'what are my options?'.

Every situation is unique, and we always seek to schedule a one-on-one consultation to determine the best path available. However, solutions generally fall into one of 5 or 6 categories:

  1. Reinstate: Paying the amount in arrears to the lender. In most situations, if this was an option things would not have progressed to the point of a pending foreclosure.
  2. Deed in Lieu: Your lender may agree to allow you to voluntarily sign the deed of your home over to them to avoid the foreclosure process. 
  3. Bankruptcy: Filing for bankruptcy immediately stops the foreclosure process. Legally your lender, like any other creditor, is prevented from pursuing any collection action including foreclosure.  Many misconceptions generally exist surrounding bankruptcy, however. Bankruptcy can buy time to work out a repayment plan if you have
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The Most Effective Ways To Deal Radio Online

by HoraceJohns3 months ago


The Best Ways To Listen Radio On The Web

Internet Radio, also known as on the web Radio, could be the new global hip alternative to traditional AM/FM radio. 1 fantastic method to select a great online radio player or station is to know what style of music that you are interested in listening. It's true that many radio channels have a bigger song selection than others in regards to certain styles of music. Still another excellent aspect which will help on your quest to listen to radio on the internet is always to being attentive to the surroundings in that you pay attention to your online radio.

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YouTuber RiceGum Net Worth – Earnings From Channel and Music | Cars and House

YouTuber RiceGum‘s Net worth is $8 million. RiceGum amassed such colossal Net Worth from his successful career as a YouTuber, his franchise, and music. RiceGum joined YouTube in the 24th of September, 2012 and has amassed a fortunate Net Worth and fame. YouTube has not only helped Bryan Le aka RiceGum gain fame but also riches and earnings. The multimillionaire RiceGum was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and later moved to Los Angeles, California. Thanks to YouTube, people not only get famous but rich too and RiceGum is a perfect example of it. RiceGum has a Net worth of $8 million.

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RiceGum's net worth and earnings

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D. L. Hughley Net Worth – Calabasas House Worth Millions | Earnings From Comedy and Acting

The American Comedian and Host, D.L. Hughley's Net-worth of $10 Million as of 2018. The television star has been part of CNN show “D.L. Hugely Breaks the News” and his own radio show “The D.L. Hughley Show“. The First Standup comedian, Hughley is married to film producer LaDonna Hughley, in 1986. The couple is blessed with three children, Ryan (1987), Kyle (1988) and Tyler (1991). His excellent work in comedy and acting field has made him gain immense popularity and success. His style of living is a source of inspiration for so many people and is no lesser than a famous Hollywood movie star. The reason behind his considerable net worth is his earnings from renowned comedy shows and movies. Moreover, Hughley also has a Million dollar House in Calabasas where he lives with his wife and children.

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D. L. Hughley Net Worth – Calabasas House Worth Millions | Earnings From Comedy and Acting

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Oakland Real Estate Agents will help you find an ideal home in this great metropolis.

Oakland Real Estate Agents will help you find an ideal home in this great metropolis.

Abio Properties in Oakland

Abio Properties has been operating in Oakland since the very beginning. Our realtors are amongst the most knowledgably and professional Oakland Real Estate Agents. The knowledge of all the neighborhoods and whereabouts in the city in addition to the knowledge of ideal locations in the metropolis is what makes Abio Properties and its services are well sought for dealers in the city. We have been making deals and finding ideal homes and real estate for our clients in order to earn ourselves a name in the industry and have produced the most remarkable Oakland Real Estate Agents while doing that.

The city of Oakland

The Oakland Real Estate Agents hired by the Abio Properties are the right people for the job if you are looking to invest in the real estate of Oakland or are looking forward to settling down here. With a very rich history and culture, Oakland’s lifestyle is one

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Find great Berkeley Homes for Sale with us


Abio Properties in Berkeley

Abio properties is a Real Estate agency in Berkeley and most of the West Coast in the United States. We have attained a status for providing the ideal homes in a well-sought for a manner to our clients. We Deal in all sorts of Berkeley homes for sale, Real Estate, Buying and Selling of property and its transactions and many more.

The City of Berkeley

Berkeley is the land of rich demographics and culture derived from the rich heritage brought forth by its history. It is a part of California and is surrounded by rich cultures of San Francisco and San Jose and the beautiful countryside of Lamorinda. Berkeley benefits from many technological advances at erupting from the very own University of California which has its main establishment in the city itself. Berkeley also constitutes of many beautiful and awesome landscapes with several parks and picnic spots in the area and you will find many places in the city some other notable features. The city has a wi

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Lamorinda Real Estate, defined by the Lamorinda Realtor

Abio Properties

Abio properties is a Real Estate agency Lamorinda that currently operates in the West of the United States and have attained to a status of providing ideal homes in a well-sought manner to our clients by hiring and working with the professional Lamorinda Realtors. We plan to maintain our status for a long career ahead. We Deal in all sorts of houses for sale and the Real Estate in the fascinating area of Lamorinda.

Family Attractions in the city

Lamorinda is a fine place for settling down with your families. The area is in close commute to the thriving and lively commercials centers and the heavy industry having in itself a solace that gives you the feeling of both the safety and comfort of the countryside for your families. The place is a bit of a high maintenance which in turn provides for its citizens the top-notch schools in the state including the ones that are highest ranked. The infamous Saint Mary’s college is another great feature to attract the families aft

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Being a land of rich amenities, it is very convenient to demeanor the Oakland home search


Abio Properties in Oakland

Oakland is a well-sought for place if you are doing an Oakland home search owing to its rich culture influenced by the neighboring cities of San Francisco and Berkeley. Having one of the best climates in the United States and being one of the most energy efficient city makes Oakland an Ideal place to settle down. Abio Properties has been operating in the Oakland since the very beginning and has successfully conducted many transactions in finding for our clients an Ideal home depicting a real American Dream.

The City of Oakland

Oakland is land of rich demographics and culture. It lies in the center of California surrounded by rich cultures of San Francisco, San Hose and Berkeley not to mention the beautiful countryside of Lafayette and Orinda. Owing to this, Oakland benefits from many technological advances at their very beginning. It is also mandatory to mention that Oakland is the highest ranker in creating electricity from renewable resources.


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Berkeley Homes for sale is an Ideal place for Writers

Abio Properties and its Services

Our goal as the real estate agents is to present all sorts different Berkeley homes for sale for the people looking forward to moving in the city. Berkeley, being a home to the best schools and colleges including the main campus of the famous Ivy League University of California, the city has one of the most sophisticated houses for sale for all kinds of artists and especially the writers. Having the influence from the rich cultures from the neighboring cities of San Francisco and Oakland, the city attracts the most talented families and individuals as well as students to the city.

What a Writer wants

A writer usually requires three kinds of features of the house they looking forward to settling in:

  1. It must give them a comfortable (and perhaps a nostalgic) feel;
  2. The house must be near the airport and
  3. The neighborhood must be quiet and peaceful.

The Berkeley hills although having thriving neighborhoods have all the qualities above including a w

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Some ideal East Bay Luxury Homes for sale for all your needs

Our Operations in the East Bay

We have been operating in the East Bay since the very beginning. East Bay consists of the major cities of California, namely San Francisco, Berkeley, Lamorinda etc. East Bay has a legendary history encompassing the stories of wonderful personalities. We have also provided several apartments and homes to the students studying near one of the greatest Ivy League Universities in the world, the University of California. East Bay is a place with an amazing and diverse culture with a rich heritage going back to the days of Columbus. With a wide ranges of beautiful hills and a countless number of huge parks and amenities makes the East Bay Luxury Homes for sale an excellent opportunity.

The Opportunities in the East Bay

We may provide you with a wide variety to choose from the East Bay Luxury Homes for sale. If you wish to live near the Shattuck Avenue, we can get you some great Apartments, right in the middle of the Downtown Business District. We can also fi

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