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[Blog]A Beginner’s Guide to Grooming Horses @LittleFieldsFarm

How often do you groom your horse? If you are one of those riders who groom their horses once a month or twice a month then boy you are in trouble. The esteemed British Horse Society advises horse riders to groom their four-legged friends every day. They believe that putting some elbow grease in cleaning your horses is highly beneficial for the animal’s well-being. Read full horse grooming guide here at LittleFieldsFarm Blog.

A Beginner’s Guide to Grooming Horses

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[Blog]Everything You Need to Help the Flies Buzz Off from Your Horse's Life @LFFStore

Are the flies bugging your horse out? Most horses get frenzied when they encounter a lone fly. The irritating insect tries everything it can to drive your horse over the edge. How can we then save our horses?  The solution to this problem comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. We are talking about fly masks, veils, and nets available at Little Fields Farm.

How to save your horse from Flies

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[Blog]Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling? @LFFStore

Do you know what is harder than transporting fragile cargo? A cargo that moves! From an equestrian’s point of view, horses are delicate cargo. The problem is that these beings move, fidget and are prone to flee when frightened. This is why it is suggested that horses should wear travel gear for protection. Here is a list of essentials every wanderlust horse owner should travel with. Read full blog here at Little Fields Farm Blog.

travel gear for protection

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