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Your real estate agent

The best way to Opt for the proper Home to Invest in A real estate property is really a strong resource that can possibly enhance your wealth more than the lengthy haul. Nevertheless it is important to place resources into the right properties, due to the fact committing an error right here can cost you, and not simply monetarily. Property-related hiccups and mishaps leads to untold pressure, pressure and despair, which accomplish the contrary result to what fruitful investing is all about. Therefore, though deciding on a property to invest into home buyers should really take into account the variables discussed below - Image result for reacasa.com • Search for growth regions - Capital improvement is usually a noteworthy factor in property investment, so dependably be vigilant for territories that are increasing when it comes to population, economy, and neighbourhood infrastructure. • Know the location exactly where you invest -This does not imply you ought to place resources into your individual backyard; rather

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Your real estate agent

What will be the Benefits of Investing within a Actual Estate House

Reacasa.com Investing in a genuine estate home remains the top and most safe approach to invest cash. Placing sources into a house has a number of rewards that set it apart from other sorts of investments, by way of example, stock venture. Many of the primary advantages include -   Image result for reacasa.com• Control - One purpose individuals need to place resources into house is they've greater authority more than their investment. Inside the event that they really need to make changes to their investment they're able to. They could make enhancements for the property so as to charge a higher rental price and get a superior return. • Increased Stability - Property investments are viewed as decrease threat in comparison to distinctive investments, one example is, shares. Despite the truth that placing sources into property frequently delivers a reduced benefit, home owners don't have to strain over the estimation of their household droppin continue reading →
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Buying a Home in Pune? Here’s How to Prepare Yourself Financially

Are you thinking of purchasing a home in Pune? In case the answer is yes, then you must have already looked at several projects including Godrej Properties in Undri and others. Here is a blueprint towards financially preparing yourself, assuming that you have already zeroed in on the project that you wish to move into.

Firstly, your income should be stable enough for you to think of buying a home and applying for a home loan. You should also be confident enough about staying in Pune for several years at least in order to justify the huge investment. Buying a property in Pune represents a big life decision which also influences your overall financial life considerably. As a result, it is important to be fully prepared and realize the necessity of maintaining a major monthly repayment commitment for a long duration of time. Spending and saving are two aspects that will have to be tweaked out in the near future as well.

The first thing to do is work out the right budget for the home in

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3 Tips to Get the Best Home Loan Interest Rates in Chandigarh

Looking to buy your own home? If so, taking a home loan will be the most feasible decision you can make. There are many banks that offer the lowest home loan interest rates in Chandigarh. These interest rates on a home loan can differ depending upon your property’s worth and how much you can repay every month. It is important for you to keep in mind that the rate of interest (ROI) will be higher if you’re considering a higher loan amount.


Some banks offer the interest rate on home loans starting from 8.65% depending on the creditworthiness & overall borrower employment profile. However, these rates will vary upon the conditions listed below, including occupation, the nature of the loan and the loan amount.


So, how can you get the lowest interest rate on a home loan?


Here is a list of some important tips that will benefit you immensely while getting a lowest interest rate on a loan for your dream home:


Check Home Loan EMI and Calculate Your Eligibility


Looking to tak

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Go the online way for hassle-free, faster home loan approvals

by Kumarrohitt7 months ago

The credit landscape in India is witnessing a revolution of a new kind. As innovative technologies are developing, the FinTech industry is tying together lenders and borrowers in a new way. For example, if you are planning to apply for a home loan, there is no need to run around from bank to bank with a heavy file in hand. Read on to learn more about the advantages of taking the online route.


Better access

There are a lot of processes involved in applying for a home loan. Traditionally, you would have to approach the bank physically to seek out information on offers, interest rates, etc.

 Turnaround time reduces

There is no need to wait in endless lines and run around trying to get your paperwork in order. 

 Tailor-made products

One of the other main advantages of this type of loan application method is the fact that customers can customise their loans as per their personal financial requirements


Things to know before applying for a home loan in India


  • Understand elig
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Difference between Home Loan and Land Loan

What is Home Loan?

Home Loan is taken for the purchase of the acquisition or construction of one’ own house on a piece of land.

What is a Land Loan?

The Land Loan is taken for the purchase of a plot or a piece of land for the residential or commercial purpose.

Difference between Land Loan and Home Loan

Let us have a look at some of the key differences between Home Loan and Land Loan:

Location of the Property

Home Loan is available on all types of properties irrespective of its location. Whereas, a Land Loan is available only for residential plots located within municipal or corporate limits.

Type of the Property

Through Land Loans, you can buy a piece of agricultural land or land in a village. But if you take a Home Loan, you can only build your own house on that piece of land.

Loan Tenure

The tenure of a Land Loan is lower as compared to a Home Loan. Generally, the maximum duration for Land Loans is 15 years but it is 30 years for Home Loans.

Loan to Value

Loan to Value

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Advantage Woman Savings Account - ICICI Net Banking - mymoneykarma

ICICI Bank is originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI limited and it is the largest private sector bank. The bank currently has its corporate office is in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India). ICICI Offers Financial and banking services to corporate and retail customers like car loan, personal loan, insurance products, investment, simple account.

ICICI net banking was launched by ICICI bank in the year 1998. ICICI bank offers net banking access to all their customer and log in to your account or credit card using the net banking facility.

Types of Savings account offered by the ICICI Bank:

  • Titanium privilege savings account: Offers Privilege Banking benefits to the customer and family and a debit card with higher limits on cash withdrawals.
  • Gold Privilege Savings Account : benefits of this account is which gives the customer great offers and visa card – holder privileges with higher limits on cash withdrawals and purchases.
  • Silver Savings Account: which Provides Extra benefits to the accoun
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Axis Net Banking - Axis Bank Savings Account Charges - mymoneykarma

Axis bank started off as UTI bank and had its first registered office in Ahmedabad and corporate office in Mumbai in December 1993. Axis bank opened its first branch was inaugurated on 2 April 1994. It is the third largest privately-owned financial institutions in India. Axis Bank offers financial products and wide range Services like personal loan, credit cards, education loan, car loan, business loan, fixed deposit and more to their individual customers, SME, MSME, Agriculture and Retail Businesses. The Bank has more than 3,500 Bank branches and over 13,900 ATMs across the country. The bank also has overseas branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai (at the DIFC), Shanghai and Colombo; representative offices at Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dhaka and Sharjah.

Axis Net Banking: Axis Bank brings Axis Net banking Service to their customers and can access to their account anytime at anywhere. To open a savings account, fixed deposits or pay bills, apply for credit or debit card, request for cheque bo

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Calculate Home Loan EMIs on the Basis of Your Desired Income

The Housing Loan EMI calculator is a significant tool in the banking, finance, and loaning landscape. This calculator gives you a fair idea of the monthly EMI payments which you need to pay. It does that by taking your desired income into consideration.

House loan calculators certainly make complex computations related to Home Loan EMIs, eligibility, and interest, a lot more simpler. In this article, we explore the benefits and scope of using a Home Loan EMI calculator.

If you want to borrow a house loan, it is quite likely that you will be a bit confused regarding the EMI amount you will be paying. Once you know that you are eligible for a Home Loan by using the Home Loan eligibility calculator, you need to accurately calculate your EMI.



This is not a difficult task, as there are a large number of Home Loan EMI calculators available online. Most of these calculators also operate as housing loan interest calculators. This way, you will be more informed about the type of hou

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