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How to retrieve forgotten Yahoo email password?

Yahoo mail service Is very popular. But many a times, the users tend to forget their password. In such cases, they are not able to login to their Yahoo account. Hence it becomes mandatory that you perform the Yahoo password reset.

How to reset your forgotten Yahoo password?

Yahoo mail forgot password issue can be fixed quite easily by resetting your Yahoo password. There are two methods using which you can perform Yahoo password reset. These are:

  • Reset Yahoo password using alternate email.
  • Reset Yahoo password using recovery phone number.

The former process requires you to have access to your recovery email address while the latter requires you to have access to the recovery phone number. Just go through the process mentioned below to do so.

Reset Yahoo password using alternate Email address:
  • Open the Yahoo sign in helper page.
  • Enter your Yahoo email address, Yahoo recovery email address, or recovery phone number.
  • Fill in your CAPTCHA code.
  • Click on the button “Yes, sen
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