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Hair Oil

Knotss Ayurvedic Herbal Medicinal Hair Oil

Knotss – The complete herbal hair Oil is an Ayurvedic herbal hair oil that has been developed as per ancient research & studies according to the holy Ayurvedic books.

Knotss Hair Oil

The best quality of ingredients has been used to prepare the final blends of Knotss by the Kshirpak vidhi,  the best method to prepare a Vedic hair oil used since ancient times.

In order to provide the best to the users, the proper hygiene & purity has been taken care of at the manufacturing unit under the best supervision from the experts.

By keeping in view the general problems related to hairs that all of us face in our day to day life, the best possible hair oil Knotss has been developed that can tackle almost all the hair related issues. It stops hair fall within a fortnight & starts working to revive the new hairs i.e. regrowth of hairs.

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