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Hair Extension

How do you do if you lose your hair badly?

1, keep relaxed, happy moodEmotional depression, mental instability, anxiety every day, can lead to hair loss. The deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss. In life we may encounter anything in frustration or not smooth stage, will inevitably feel gray; but if a person's mood is always in a state of dissatisfaction and depression, his character is a problem. Everyone in this world can only go once, why not happy to go to it? Remember, black hair is also an open and outgoing personality.black straight wig2. Make friends with vegetables, soybeans and coarse grainsThese three substances represent the two nutrients most desirable for hair: vitamins and proteins. Vegetables are rich in cellulose, can cause the intestinal tract quickly eliminate waste, reduce blood nutrition and less stimulation. Vitamin B6 in coarse grains also has the function of protecting hair, slowing hair follicle aging and degenerating. Spicy but delicious to satisfy the appetite from the hair, occasionally pla

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