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Design Considerations for a Professional Billboard

Billboards and large-scale banners are perhaps one of the most widely used forms of communication to speak to a wider audience. However, they too require in-depth research and a deep knowledge about the target audience before the design process begins.

With increasing reliance on digital processes for all advertising needs, crucial design inputs are necessary for developing anything for print. Listed below are some of the vital factors a designer must keep in mind when starting a print signage campaign.



The message

As with all forms of advertisement, knowing the customer is integral to designing it. Once this is done, the carefully formulated message determines the design and makes the banner. Questions like the following are helpful in this regard.

Is your banner going to share new information, or reinforce what they already know? Is it part of an ongoing campaign or a one-time promotion? Is it about the product or a special service? Where is the banner to be located? What

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Mean Stack VS Lamp Stack-Some Facts

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