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Gojek Clone

GoJek clone app: Curated by Uber Like App

Entrepreneurs who are new to the on-demand market can get ahold of GoJek clone source code under their budget designed by Uber Like App and integrate a host of features in place. Extensive customization is the main key to make your app stand out in a sea of competition. Get your GoJek clone app today.

gojek clonee app


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Gojek clone app: Unbeatable app for today’s generation

If you want to order medicine for your old aged ill mother online and at the same time you want to order a scrumptious food then you have to open two different apps on your mobile phone which can be really frustrating at times. So, remove the hassle of ordering different products from the different apps and enjoy the facility of availing all the services from one single app with Gojek app clone. According to different entrepreneurs, Gojek app clone is the biggest invention of today's generation which allows its users to enjoy a different number of services from a single platform with the fingertips of their hand. 

One App, Different Choices
  • Delivery: From this option, the users of the app can send anything varying from food packets, flowers, parcels, envelope, electronics, cargo shipment etc. to their desired location in a less period of time. The multi-delivery option also allows the users to send more than the item at the same time.
  • Food delivery: Now, the users of this amaz
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An app like Gojek- Need we say more?

Why a Gojek Clone is the future?

But First know about Gojek the deca-corn that’s ruling the world.  

Gojek is known worldwide for its multiservice application that provides its users every kind of service under one roof. Gojek gained its recognition in a short period of time because it gave solutions to the everyday problems that their users faced. Entrepreneurs and startups are often on the lookout for the best developers to build them a Gojek clone.  https://www.appdupe.com/gojek-clone

If you want to join this super app revolution, AppDupe is a good place to start. They provide the best solutions that are white-labelled and cost-effective. Visit their website to get your robust app developed in no time.

Gojek clone App - Lead the multiservice industry with your own gojek like app

An application like Gojek is a thriving business in Indonesia as it provides for multiple services that a user requires. Many companies have tried to follow suit with their own all-category service mo

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Expansion and improvement strategies for your Gojek clone app


Gojek, an Indonesian based app that offers a mixture of on-demand services is focusing on expanding its services. The Gojek Super App offers a wide variety of services from bill payments to booking tickets to sending courier. A recent few initiatives make it clear to us that Gojek is attempting to make the brand and the environment for people who work for it better. Gojek partners with Doctor Anywhere and Esso to provide medical consultations and discount for petrol respectively. This naturally reduces operational costs and results in the overall betterment of the organization.

There’s no doubt Gojek is successful and if you are launching your own Gojek like app then consider these strategies. Branding and recognition are as important as the app itself. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re launching Gojek clone app.

Constant upgrading: We see how apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc. come with an update every other day. It is necessary to fix bugs and enhanc

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Wider reach and larger revenue with a multi-service Gojek clone app

The more the services the more the revenue; Gojek clone works on this simple concept. Instead of toggling between apps for on-demand services you get it all in one app. With a Gojek clone app you can offer multiple services and attract a wider crowd.

But the more the number of services the greater are the responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, the primary goal is to offer hassle-free services to customers which essentially means your app has to offer seamless experience starting from downloading to payment and all the way to rating.

What are the common services to be included?


Ride-hailing services

Food delivery


Other kinds of delivery ( flowers, alcohol etc.)


On-demand doctors




Fitness coach



Pest control


Security guard

Security guard


Beauty and a lot more


The features to be included apart from the app features


Promo codes

Referral awards

In-app call/message to serv

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