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Gardening Essentials

[Blog]Gardening Essentials: 3 Types of Plant Supports that Glorify Your Garden @LittleFieldsFarm UK

Do you need some drama in your garden? Adding a bit of theatrics to your landscaping won’t hurt anyone. They will make your plain old garden a magical place of whimsical wonder. You may already know that some garden plants like bean stalks and bamboos need some extra support to grow properly. Add vines and other climbers to the mix and you have a living garden creeping up to your window sill. Read full tips on how to 3 types of plant supports from your garden here at Little Fields Farm's Blog.

A Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining Your Garden’s Health

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[Blog]Gardening 101: How to Water Your Plants? @LFFStore

Do you know the three essentials of gardening? Water, Ample amount of sunlight, Fertilised Soil. Apart from this, they need your care and devotion. If you fail to care for your plants, you will soon witness your flowerbeds wilting away. Now nature gives you a hand in maintaining the sunlight and the soil to meet the plant’s requirements. This leaves you with the sole responsibility of watering the garden. Read full article here at LittleFieldsFarm.

how to water your plants

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