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[Blog]Equestrian Enquiries: How to Treat Your Horse Correctly?

Do you love your horse? Of course, you do! That is why you are busy reading a blog post about it! However, we'd like to know how you show your affection. You may say you do it with a gentle pat on the back, a peck or some compliments. Odds are you do all this and throw in an occasional treat now and then. Read full equestrian tips here at Little Fields Farm Blog.

How to Treat Your Horse Correctly

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[Blog]Equestrian Essentials: What Is Inside a Basic Horse Grooming Kit?

Do you ever wonder what it takes to clean a horse? The job definitely doesn’t get done on its own. You need time, equipment, and a whole lot of strength to thoroughly clean this magnificent beast. Novice horse riders are usually under the impression that a splash of water and brush can do the trick. Whereas in reality there is a lot more to grooming than brushing. Read full horse guide & tips here at Little Fields Farm Blog.

What Is Inside a Basic Horse Grooming Kit

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[Blog]Everything You Need to Help the Flies Buzz Off from Your Horse's Life @LFFStore

Are the flies bugging your horse out? Most horses get frenzied when they encounter a lone fly. The irritating insect tries everything it can to drive your horse over the edge. How can we then save our horses?  The solution to this problem comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. We are talking about fly masks, veils, and nets available at Little Fields Farm.

How to save your horse from Flies

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