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Equestrian Tips

[Blog]Horse Diaries: 3 Common Winter Problems You See in Horses @LFFStore

Did you know? December isn’t the coldest month in the UK! In reality, the cold season picks up the pace as soon as the New Year begins. This means that you are quite possibly stuck with the cold season for two more months. And the weather forecast doesn’t exactly predict any sunny days. So minimum horse riding for you, fellow equestrian! Here are a handful of winter woes every equestrian is worrying about at LittleFieldsFarm Blog.


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[Blog]Everything You Need to Help the Flies Buzz Off from Your Horse's Life @LFFStore

Are the flies bugging your horse out? Most horses get frenzied when they encounter a lone fly. The irritating insect tries everything it can to drive your horse over the edge. How can we then save our horses?  The solution to this problem comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. We are talking about fly masks, veils, and nets available at Little Fields Farm.

How to save your horse from Flies

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