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Fortifive: How to Increase User Retention With Mobile App Onboarding

Having an effective mobile app onboarding experience is critical. Great user onboarding not only lowers abandonment rates, but can also help boost long-term success metrics like user retention and user lifetime value.

To boost retention, your apps needs to be cutting-edge and offer a seamless user experience, which involves design, customer delight, and adding a great deal of value. App development Baltimore This post describes the best practices for creating an effective user onboarding experience that will turn initial downloads into highly engaged users.  

Build The Path of Least Resistance

User onboarding is about making it as easy as possible for the user to start using the app. The more complex it is for users to log in or sign-up, discover features, or navigate the app, the higher the rate of user abandonment. Therefore, you want to go with the path of least resistance.

But this isn’t always the best route. There are different methods of user onboarding which depend on both

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A mobile app cohort analysis is critical for revealing specific usage

If you’re acquiring large quantities of users, new signups will conceal where your DAUs and MAUs are dropping off.

Build a Retention Strategy with a Mobile App Cohort Analysis

With a mobile app cohort analysis, you will not only be able to see when users leave, but you’ll be able to understand why they leave your app and make data-driven decisions to fix it. IOS App Development in Austin Building a retention strategy can be broken down into several parts:

  1. Set your goals. What is your specific growth target? Are you creating a strategy for short-term or long-term?
  2. Use existing data. Take a look at the current data you’ve retrieved from your app and find areas for change.
  3. Brainstorm and hypothesize. Pinpoint the questions you want to ask and brainstorm all the possible scenarios from your experiments.
  4. Test, test, and test. Experiment with different tests to validate, or invalidate your hypotheses.
  5. Analyze. Examine your test data to see if you met your goal.
  6. Iterate. Make any ne
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Anticipate User Drop-Off With a Mobile App Cohort Analysis

A significant aspect of mobile app development is the strategy you put in place to drive awareness and acquisition. But more importantly, you need to identify the specific features of your product that keep active users coming back and form a retention strategy backed by those insights. While user acquisition may seem like a primary metric for gauging mobile app success, it doesn’t matter how many users download your app if they don’t stick around.

 So, how do you find out precisely what makes users stay and what makes them leave? 

While there are many tactics to improve user retention like optimized user onboarding and personalized marketing campaigns, successful user retention begins with a deep dive into data. Android app Development Seattle This article explains how to track and interpret user actions to understand how people engage with your product after acquisition.

Mobile analytics is the practice of gathering and interpreting user behavior data from your app. From that data

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When you are defining your product, competitor research should be a priority

Researching apps that are similar to yours or are in the same vertical is an essential aspect of product development and determining potential monetization models. Namely, how are competitors monetizing? How well are their models working? Is there a gap that presents an opportunity for you? Can you do things differently to accelerate revenue generation?

Look at Your Target Users

Another aspect of product definition that is helpful for choosing the appropriate mobile app monetization strategy is user research. Android app Development Company Who are they? What do they want? Most importantly, what are they willing to pay for, if anything? As a general rule, users need to be shown value to make purchases. For apps that are pay per download, demonstrate value before acquisition; with free downloads, the value proposition needs to show through the experience or utility of the app.

 Regardless of the app monetization model you choose for your application, remember that it is not an aftert

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A successful freemium model delivers an engaging experience to every user

Driving revenue from a freemium app is dependent on engagement. A successful freemium model delivers an engaging experience to every user, regardless of their purchasing decisions. Freemium apps are so effective because they build trust by demonstrating value and quality without requiring anything from the user.

Works best when

  • You want mixed revenue from ads and users
  • Premium features add undeniable value
  • The free version is tempting enough to attract users and persuasive enough to prompt purchases
  • You have a large, active user base
  • The nature of your app encourages long sessions


Similar to the freemium model, subscriptions focus on gating access to content rather than features (the same model that many online publications and streaming services employ).  App development Atlanta Users download the app for free and can access a limited amount of content before they are prompted to pay for a subscription, functioning as a free trial. The advantage of this model

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Fortifive- Choosing The Right Mobile App Monetization Strategy

It’s a wonderful sentiment, but the process is more complicated than that. There is a massive selection of users, with more than 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and more than 3.5 million apps available through Google Play. If you already have a product on the market or have been considering mobile app development, driving revenue has probably been top-of-mind. Building a sustainable stream of income involves defining a mobile app monetization path – just as any other business does.

App Monetization Strategies

Here are several monetization strategies worth exploring. This article will help you determine which model best suits your app.

Advertising Based

In this model, users can access app content for free, and revenue is earned by displaying ads within the app. Mobile application development in Boston  Sometimes revenue is generated entirely from advertisements, but in many cases, this model operates in a mixed monetization model that also offers freemium service (more on this b

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How to Write an Amazing Mobile App RFP

A detailed mobile app RFP helps eliminate ambiguity and sets the foundation for a project that is more likely to stay on time and within budget. Vendors will better understand exactly what you are looking for, resulting in a more accurate price and timeline estimation; less likelihood of unexpected issues arising during the project; and even the added advantage of saving valuable time once the project has started, which can ensure the product is shipped by the deadline.

Schedule a Mobile App Discovery Before You Write Your RFP

A discovery session will help you measure the scope of your project so you can gauge your budget. IOS App Development in San Francisco Jumping into a mobile app RFP can be a waste of time and here’s why: A mobile app RFP helps you define scope so you can get more accurate bids before you sign your contract.

At Clearbridge, we do a one-week Discovery Session which sets the foundation of your app and helps you set product goals, understand the business outcomes

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Mobile App RFP

When you’re looking for the best mobile app development company to build your app, there are many factors to consider and a Mobile App Request for Proposal (RFP) will help you find the right partner for your project. A well written RFP will not only help mobile app development companies know exactly what you need, but will also help you to filter through companies that don’t align with your vision, goals, and budget.

  1. Not Understanding The Scope of the Project

What exactly do you need to be built? What features are must-haves? Android app Development Los Angeles  What platforms do you need your solution made for? What are your business and marketing goals? It’s essential that you have a good understanding of the scope of your project, and that this vision is reflected in the overview you provide in your RFP.

  1. Not Asking Questions Beforehand

Engage with vendors before you write your RFP so they can get a good understanding of your project. You want to ask the right questions t

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Common UX Mistakes to Avoid:- Fortifive

Use content to guide the user through your app, providing value along the way. You don’t need to cram everything onto the first screen. It overloads users with information, in turn, frustrating them. Users like the interactivity of mobile app design because they enjoy the satisfaction of self-initiated discovery.


Having an Overly Complex UI Design

Good UX doesn’t always have a fancy, intricate design.  Complex UI design can take away from the user experience if there are too many distractions or confusing call-to-actions.  Android app Development Company Instead of including elements that lack purpose, simplify with more meaning. Good design can be elegant without all of the intricacies.

 That doesn’t mean that large-scale animation doesn’t have a place. While in a game they are expected, in an everyday app, they should be used sparingly and to celebrate a special event or a time-consuming process. Some examples of when to use animations are for loading indicators, pull to refres

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App development company: Good UX leaves a lasting impression

Not Connecting With Your Users

Good UX leaves a lasting impression. Many companies struggle when it comes to providing meaning and forming a connection with users. Meaningful products have personal significance and resonate with users’ needs while aligning with their values. Many products in the market are aesthetically pleasing and are usable but still lack meaning. How are you connecting with your user? App development Baltimore Helping them achieve a goal? Helping them feel part of a community? Ask yourself what impression you’re leaving with your users. This will be the difference between an app your users return to and one they delete.

Designing For Yourself and Not the User

Development teams can often form strong opinions about a product. Good UX designers separate their personal preferences from user preferences. It’s important to understand that you are designing for a core set of users with specific needs and wants. This user-centric design approach should be practiced thro

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