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Corporate Travel Management

Business Travel’s Influence on Employee Retention, Recruitment and Results

In this competitive world, the biggest concern for business leaders is to recruit and retain productive employees. Based on recent research, apart from compensation and benefits, 87% of performing employees said that providing a wide array of growth opportunities is a critical priority for their organisation.

However, since recruitment and retention are two vital areas for running a successful and profitable business, progressively companies are making their workplace more attractive to work with exciting out of the box benefits and global business travel opportunities that aim to improve their employee experience much further.

Majority of all employees accepted their job entirely or in part because of the business travel opportunities it offered and over one-third would actively pursue a new career if it provided more business travel.

Find out how corporate travel management companies help business organizations to achieve global appeal and reach and how business travel influences

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Know How Corporate Traveller is Different

 If you are a business where you and your employees need to travel a lot, you know the importance of hiring a good travel management company for all your needs. You are certain to outsource your booking and travel management to Corporate Traveller so you can focus on the core aspect of your business and also on the reason for your travel. The rest is handled by the TMC. Whether it’s by way of a corporate travel account manager or travel management software, the TMC is the best in the business and one you would trust formal your international corporate travel needs. Read on for why Corporate Traveller is different and a cut above from the rest:

  • Talking of value for money, since the TMC is well connected it has access to better deals on all aspects of travel. They have the negotiation power which you may not have as an individual or organisation. By opting for an efficient TMC for your international corporate travel needs, you end up saving a lot of time, money and resources.
  • A ded
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Best Tips to Motivating Employees With Travel Incentives

Productivity is key for any business or organisation, irrespective of the vertical or offering. 
It’s the productivity of a business that makes it or breaks it and employees are often incentivised for performing well. Of the many ways that are used to incentivise employees, Travel is one of 

But is incentive travel alone a motivating factor or should it be made even more motivating for a Corporate traveller?

Here are a few ways to make incentive travel much more motivating:

Group travel: While incentive travel is mostly in group business travel, not all groups that travel are well-knit. And one of 
the ways to make the corporate travel booking totally worth it for them and for you is to plan it in such a way that executives who get along well or share a strong bond, travel together. This will just strengthen the bond further.

Personalise:  An employee who performs well is someone who understands the business and customers well. And expects the same from you when it comes to i

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