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Massage Therapy Leichhardt

Massage Therapy - Incline Health

Incline Health is specialized on massage therapy leichhardt  in Sydney. Here we focused on the recovery and management of all injuries. We have an expansive network of doctors and other medical professionals to assist in any further care you may need. With a strong sporting background, we are the experts in the treatment of spinal, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle injuries. We provide pain management, chiropractic, sports injury leichhardt, sports massage, rehabilitation, dry needling etc.

We provide tailored and specific treatment for workplace injuries. All treatments are encompass through analysis, diagnosis and management plan. Treatments are dedicated to your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Our treatment protocols are flexible to cater to the changing needs of every patient. Our massage therapists leichhardt are best in providing passive care as well as active care. We give every patient to a homely atmosphere.

We pride ourselves to providing reliable and ho

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Your chiropractor looks at your overall health, not only at your back and neck but also at your lifestyle. This total approach determines the best treatment for your problem. If you want to prevent from this then you can use Chiropractors Haywards Heath service.

1.  First consultation

The first consultation consists of an extensive study divided into the following components:


Chiropractors Haywards heath


  2. Chiropractic treatment

The treatments consist of chiropractic manipulation techniques using special treatment tables. The average number of treatments at a chiropractor is around 6 to 7. A general practitioner referral is not necessary and the treatments are usually fully or partially reimbursed by all health insurers. Check your policy conditions for certainty.

3. Prevention

When your complaints are resolved, attention is paid to preventing the same and other possible problems. Of importance here are general health advice, a good attitude, a correct training program, an optimal diet and relaxa

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