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There is a patch for the headstart: The patch introduces a advancement into the control with mouse and keyboard. Here some players had complained during the beta. In addition, you will find a few more customizations and insect fixes.Actions were simply aborted when you moved the mouse.The figures sometimes did not find their way to the clicked target. Pathfinding while flying has Resulted in odd paths that the figures took.


The PvP Arena needed to be  RuneScape gold  deactivated for the time being to solve some problems.There are many general alterations to balancing and some bug fixesThis is the way the players react: Most gamers are anticipating the launch of MapleStory 2. As the beta progressed, fans saw Maple Story 2 gradually improving. However, Nexon still needs to take care of the problem with the cheaters.


So player MushroomMurder says from the official discussion:"The fact that Nexon didn't do anything contrary to the exploiters and cheaters ruined the entire hype for

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