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What is Covered call and Iron condor Strategy?

 Options Profits Daily is an organization that provides ideas and investment options that simply serves as a starting point for actual buy and sell decisions for your portfolio.

Options Profits Daily is a place where you can study the current stock market, different strategies adopted by the market leaders and the various factors that contribute to profitability and potential risks.

One such financial strategy explained by Options Profits Daily is the Covered CallStrategy. In this approach, a minor increase or decrease is expected at the available stock price for life which is a neutral strategy that allows earning income through the premium received for writing the option.

While writing the Covered call, the current stockholder sells the right to purchase his stock at a specific price within a stipulated period.

Another Strategy brought to light by Options Profits Daily is the Strategy adopted by market players is the Iron Condor Strategy which is designed to have a large probabil

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Impressive Ways to increase Customer Experince

Well, you all heard the term "the customer is king" everybody believes in but only a few try to make them feel like a king. Because of the increase in technology and the development of communication, it is very easy to connect with the customer. customer retention is the Direct result of his experience on your website. People often complaining about the time taken to enrich the User experience and the brainstorming it demands.

Here I am breaking the myths that surround to improve the Customer Experience.

1. Send a card or greeting to the User

The customer often feels obliged and special when you surprise them. A greeting with a thank will not cost much but it will deeply connect your brand with the User. eg on a third purchase you can send your customer a greeting and be thanking him for making a purchase with us. This overall soft gesture will increase the goodwill and brand loyalty.

2. Personalize your Packing

The Pizza shop is a great lesson for us because they are packing the

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Home Loan Company in Durgapur West Bengal Tirupati Invest Services TIS

by TirupatiIn1 month ago

Home Loan Company in Durgapur West Bengal Tirupati Invest Services TIS  http://tirupatiinvestservices.com/The bank will charge you with loan-processing fee which is the charge for commencing and maintaining the process of home loan and it is non-refundable. After you have paid the processing fee, bank will start the verification process. The banks will evaluate your credit history and decide the amount of loan for you. After being satisfied with all the information and repayment capacity, bank will send you an offer letter which will include information related to tentative principal amount, rate of interest, type of interest rate (fixed or floating), tenure, repayment mode and other terms and conditions.



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Start Your Online Business

Looking for Small Business Ideas  ...Want to have your own business?

There are many small business ideas that you can consider and each has its own set of pros and cons. Web Site Search Engine

One of the biggest roadblocks to starting or buying a small business is that they require a considerable up-front financial investment. In addition to the initial large investment, the time commitment you must make when starting a small business can ultimately turn out to be far greater than what you have experienced in any job, and the financial return is not necessarily worth the extra time or risk involved. In running a successful traditional small business or a franchise there are numerous costs such as rent and staff - just to mention a few. Online Business Success shows you how this small business idea is truly the most profitable as the fees are minimal - no staff or rent.  Working from home is a very viable option, with a minimal (almost $0) upfront investment.  http://rankyourasset.c

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What Is Credit Spread Option?

credit spread option is an options methodology in which financial specialists understand a benefit by purchasing two rights or choice positions on the same fundamental resource with a similar development dates, yet both have diverse strike costs. The hypothesis is that the sum got from the short leg of the spread is more than the sum paid for the more drawn out leg, the financial specialist gets a moment credit.The Top 3 Credit Spread Option Strategies

Put Credit Spread:

The primary options strategy on our list is the put credit spread, which is built by offering a put choice and obtaining another put alternative at a lower strike cost. The two choices should utilize a similar amount and lapse cycle.

Call Credit Spread

The second credit spread choice methodology on our index is the call credit spread, which is developed by offering a call choice and obtaining another call choice at a higher strike cost. The two choices utilize a similar amount and termination cycle

The Iron Cond

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The Best Retirement Investment Plans

 As you close to your 60’s, your prime procuring and saving years will change into a time-frame where you get the opportunity to appreciate the “your rewards for all the hard work,” a.k.a retirement. We call this segueing from gathering to decumulation, the period when you will draw from your collected retirement fund. You have to locate theBEST INVESTMENT OPTIONS FOR RETIREMENT .so you can create normal income, without going back to work.


Purchase a good dividend stock index fund:

Diversification’s a fundamental piece of any portfolio design. Fortunately, nowadays it’s anything but easy to purchase a single mutual fund or trade exchanged reserve (ETF) that deals with expansion for you.Since a retiree’s essential speculation objective is to make a protected wellspring of pay, profit stocks are an amazing decision. 

 Purchase a good bond index fund:

Securities don’t produce the sort of energizing long haul restores that stocks do, yet they do have one major preferred standpoint:

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5 Challenges in Implementing AI in Mobile Apps

Even when it comes to mobile app development, AI is seen as one of the ways through which businesses can offer something unique to their app users. However, there are only a few companies that are actually using the technology.

Why are businesses not implementing AI in their mobile apps? Seems like there are a few challenges in AI adoption for mobile app development. Here are some of them.

1. Concerns Related to the Cost of Integrating AI

While a major benefit of using AI in business is the ability of the technology to automate a host of mundane tasks, a major drawback of the same is the cost of integrating AI technology. As compared to standard apps which have the best of latest features, a mobile app with AI is comparatively costlier.

2. Lack of AI Understanding

While they can always hire mobile app development services to get themselves an AI app, they will not have any idea how the technology behind the app works. This can severely limit their ability to use their mobile app

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The Overall Structure Of Covered Call



What are Covered calls?

Covered calls are a merging of a stock and alternative position.

Covered calls are a net alternative offering position. This implies you are expecting some hazard in return for the premium accessible in the choices advertise. This “danger” is that your long stock will be detracted from you by the call choice purchaser – this is known as task chance.

Covered calls are endless risk, constrained reward. The endless risk is like owning stock, and the restricted reward originates from the short call premium and the value-based increases you may have. In return for restricting your risk, you have preferable chances of gain fullness over a basic long stock play.


Structure of a Covered Call

The most ideal way for new dealers to perceive Covered calls is visually.Keep in mind, in the options exchange you can both get long options and short options- each with its own particular one of a kind hazard trademark.

We should begin off with 100 offers of stock

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Best Investment Tips To Get High Returns On Investments.

Following are Tips to get best return on investment:

1. Focus on reducing risk, and simplify

Given such a conceptual time period,, it is economical to lessen the level of risk in a venture design or portfolio. A business or market cycle ordinarily endures in excess of three years, so there commonly isn’t sufficient time to recuperate from a misfortune that may happen if picking higher risk resources, for example, equities.

Minimizing the obstacle of virtue may also be profitable .

2. Consider short-term instruments

Cash is a desirable asset for managing risk and liquidity, and is certainly appropriate for very short horizons. Within the stable income world, securities with less than 3 years period of maturity, such as short-term bond funds for example, may be a good consideration.

3. Synchronize goal timing with your assets

If your exact scope is known like three months, 12 months, or three years , invest in products that generally match your investment limit . Consider thes

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Coinjoker - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script for 2018

Recently, The volatility of cryptocurrency markets has stumped even after the best rises. Now, there are lots of efforts are taking in cryptocurrency business industry to bring some high standard for doing bitcoin business.

In this recent time, many entrepreneur are stepping updwards in crypto business world and wants to be a an unique techpreneur from the competitive bitcoin business world. 

Demandable bitcoin exchange business : 

In cryptocurrency niche business, bitcoin exchange business has received red carpet from the most redcarpet from the traders and exchangers. Though the main reason that, why bitcoin exchange business have highly appreciated other than bitcoin related business is, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are becoming topmost currencies in the upcoming world when compared to the fiat currencies. 

As a result, exchanging and trading would be the most common activity, and starting as a bitcoin exchange business, will be the easier chance for getting success in your prof

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