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by Inn4Science2 days ago

DApp developer

Currently, we are watching the growing demand in the blockchain developers who can build a decentralized blockchain app. In most cases, businesses are choosing to outsource the DApp development because of the specific knowledge required for this purpose. And it’s quite a challenge to find a trusted team of coders with a portfolio of successful and operational DApps.

Decentralized apps are one of the ways to put computing, data storing and operation into a distributed space. Thereby, without there is no need for powerful computers or storing capabilities concentrated in one place. There’s a higher reliability that would enable the application to run successfully even if a big part of any computing power or storing space is offline.

The blockchain is mostly chosen to host the DApp. Its distributed nature perfectly matches with the needs of such applications and offers computing, transacting and data storage in a trust-less space that couldn’t be tampered thanks to its u

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Top Selling ICO Development Softwares in the Blockchain Market 2019

The Blockchain is an encrypted, distributed database that records data, or in other words it is a digital ledger of any transactions, contracts — that needs to be independently recorded. One of the main features of blockchain is that digital ledger is accessible across several hundreds and thousands of computer and is not bound to be kept in a single place.

Why everyone should care about blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a technology that has the potential to disrupt many of the legacy systems and centralized industries of today. The financial services landscape is the most obvious beneficiary of blockchain, but there are other sectors where this tech can bring about a transformation.

Yourstory.com — Government was looking at adopting blockchain tech for disrupting and streamlining various sectors. While the sprawling financial services landscape seems to be the foremost sector to profit from this innovative technology, other industries also appear poised to assistance from it.

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Epixel Blockchain

Epixel Solutions, a private company experienced in developing MLM software and providing solutions has now expanded its territory to a new and updated technology ‘the blockchain’. The tech enthusiasts of Epixel had done a good research on the various applications of blockchain and is ready with the implementation. Blockchain consulting, dApp development, Smart contract development, Cryptocurrency development are some of the important services what we offer. Give a boost to your business offering the essential space for blockchain.

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Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

Crippling foreign exchange controls imposed by the government have further restricted citizens’ access to foreign currencies as a stable source of value. An emerging market for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has developed over the last few years in Venezuela, representing a profound case study of Bitcoin’s potential positive impact on the struggling Venezuelan people.

The interest in Bitcoin in Venezuela initially began with the opportunity for mining it a few years ago. Due to the largely subsidized electricity market in Venezuela, electricity is practically free, so the costs of mining Bitcoin are drastically reduced. However, the Venezuelan government often cracked down on mining operations, sometimes arresting and holding individuals without cause.

“Skirting government imposed regulation is one of the most important use cases for Bitcoin. This is a censorship resistant technology, specifically designed to survive attacks from centralized powers," Continues Galiano Tiramani, "

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Disruption viewed through the lens of Darwinism

Innovation is the key word when it comes to survival of the fittest, and this is precisely what gives businesses like Tesla the edge and keeps them relevant. Businesses should make technology their core competence, and be prepared to let their superior products cannibalize their predecessors. Strategy has to be dynamic with the changing environment, aligned with reality and constantly updated by connecting the dots back from what’s happening in the market, rather than being sacrosanct and etched in gold. 

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Venezuela Could Be A Hotspot For Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

The situation in Venezuela is continually deteriorating as the mass exodus of migrants continues to snowball. More than 2.3 million people are estimated to have already left the country with a population of only 31 million, and that number is expected to rise.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government is trending towards solidifying its authoritarian rule as the country reaches a diaspora level rivaling the ongoing Syrian crisis that led to the widespread migration of Syrians to Europe.  Fueled by massive hyperinflation that has surpassed 2 million percent, as of August 2018, Venezuela’s Bolivar has effectively become worthless.

“We have forged several partnerships with Venezuelan nationals, to aid in capital flight and wealth preservation for victims of this regime" Says Galiano Tiramani, CEO of U.S Based Tirex Trading, "Lately, we have seen dramatically increased interest from those using bitcoin not only to store value, but as a means to move it out of the coun

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Blockchain for medical records

Despite technological progress, there are many unsolved problems in the healthcare industry: outdated Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, the low privacy of medical records, interoperability issue, etc. More and more reports state that blockchain for medical records is here to fix these drawbacks and bring healthcare to a new level.

The thing is, the current EHR systems are still backed by good old fax machines and snail mail for transferring health data in case the direct communication between the systems is not possible. Naturally, this causes delays, fatal medical errors, costly additional analyses, etc. Patients are getting more and more frustrated as they do not have control over their medical records because of the interoperability issue. The more different hospitals and doctors the patients visit, the harder it is to collect and maintain all their data.

In this article, we want to speak about the blockchain technology in the healthcare indu

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The Theory of Blockchain Explained

by kavyasahu1 month ago

The blockchain is the new hot underlying technology that powers Bitcoin. In this article, we shall have a quick overview of what Blockchain means to Web Developers.

Let us begin our understanding of what Blockchains really mean

What is a Blockchain?

The blockchain is defined as a ledger of facts. In this, several computers are assembled in a peer-to-peer network. Communication inside this network obeys cryptography. Members of this network are termed as nodes.

Ordering Facts

Members of Blockchain network exchange facts. P2P networks solve a difficult concept of reconciliation. Relational databases offer relational integrity. An ordering of facts guarantees integrity over a P2P network. Blockchain implements proof-of-work consensus, using blocks.


Blocks order facts in a network of peers. When facts are grouped in blocks, only a single chain of it replicates in the entire network. Each preceding block refers to the previous one. 


The process of looking for Blocks i

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Blockchain Help is quickly gaining recognition as the one-stop solution.

Blockchain Help

Blockchain Help, since its inception, has been providing cutting-edge technology solutions and in-depth domain expertise in bitcoins, blockchain development, ICO launches and cryptocurrency development. Ably supported by an exceptionally talented and experienced team of technocrats, Blockchain Help is quickly gaining recognition as the one-stop solution to everything related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Why choose Blockchain Help?

• 10+ years of programming expertise • Extensive experience in blockchain technology solutions across industry sectors • Competitive pricing
 • 3 months of after sales support free of cost.

 Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way in which information is stored and shared. It facilitates the creation of a distributed public ledger of transactions that is transparent, secure, self-validating, and cannot be forged. Tampering or tinkering with the data is impossible as a copy exists with every user or participating nodes.


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The Miracles of Blockchain in the Coming Days

by katherinetk1 month ago

Nowadays blockchain and bitcoin are the slanting subjects in the specialized and fund world. And furthermore, it is the most sizzling subject in the media too. with the innovation picking up the mass footing in only of a couple of years it an improvement is required to escalate over the time.

Blockchain: It is an advanced record in which exchanges made in bitcoin or another digital money are recorded sequentially and openly. I.e; By plan, the blockchain is a decentralized innovation. An overall arrangement of PCs uses blockchain advancement to commonly manage the database that records Bitcoin trades. That is, Bitcoin is managed by its framework, and nobody central master.

Blockchain Miracles in the Future Internet :

Nowadays a huge amount of secured data is getting hacked on the internet. The most critical component of blockchain is that it gives superb security in an unsecured Internet where phishing, malware, DDOS, spam and hacks put in peril the manner in which business is done a

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