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Disruption viewed through the lens of Darwinism

Innovation is the key word when it comes to survival of the fittest, and this is precisely what gives businesses like Tesla the edge and keeps them relevant. Businesses should make technology their core competence, and be prepared to let their superior products cannibalize their predecessors. Strategy has to be dynamic with the changing environment, aligned with reality and constantly updated by connecting the dots back from what’s happening in the market, rather than being sacrosanct and etched in gold. 

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3TECH Summit | Converging The Technologies

The 3TECH Summit brings together global leading experts in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things to challenge them on how these 3TECHnologies will converge in the future. Organized by AEBICON Group, this is the first event of its kind and is due to be held on 15th October 2018 in Dubai.The United Arab Emirates is a leading country with the most technologically advanced agenda and the 3TECH Summit aims to incorporate high-level debates, panel discussions and technical sessions while uniting world tech leaders and creating a unique platform for discussions about the future.

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Understand How Blockchain Could Be Used For Commercial Real Estate

As there are too many reasons for choosing blockchain for commercial real estate business, see what business experts need to explain with it. How-blockchain-technology-is-a-boon-for-commercial-real-estate—Reasonsmain-image-1In this digitalized world, every single business is booming due to the rapid growth of technology. One of such products of technology is the blockchain. Before discussing how it has become one of the required things in business, it is important to know what a blockchain is. It is a process chain for protecting, storing and also authenticating data of the business. These data can be financial to legal to anything. It can be regarded as a digital ledger in which various transactions can be made by using bitcoin or cryptocurrency. All the transactions here are also recorded and stored. There is no scope of data missing whenever needed. Now, let us discuss how blockchain technology is helpful for commercial real estates and why such businesses start using it immediately. Have a look at some of the basic reasons behind it.Read More

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How to pick the best bitcoin exchange script?

Techpreneurs, Whether you have a plan to create your bitcoin exchange website ? Bitcoin Exchange Script surely provides success for your try. You can start your website with your own hands even you don’t have a technical knowledge and business strategies.

What is Bitcoin Exchange Script?

Bitcoin Exchange Business Script is nothing but the readymade or inbuilt solution. With the help of bitcoin exchange solution every businessmen can instantly stepup into their bitcoin exchange business platform or portal.

Different types of cryptocurrency or bitcoin exchange website script ?

Normally there are various types of bitcoin exchange clone scripts are available in the market. It could be made by the firms and software development company to provide services for all over the world.

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HCL Technologies joins Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

Indian multinational IT services company HCL Technologies Limited, headquartered in Noida has joined Blockchainin Transportation Alliance (BiTA). Blockchain-based solutions are provided to the industry by the consortium. Many premium members are included in BiTA’s: Descartes, Daimler, FedEx, SAP and Uber Freight.

Tracking of goods and freight across the supply chain will be effective and transparency will be increased in all stages of the supply chain by implementing blockchain technology. I will aid to develop new revenue streams and value for customers by enabling a system of completing transactions, tracking shipments, and managing fleets.

Ajay Bahl, Executive Vice-President and Head of Public Services and Manufacturing Business (North America) at HCL Technologies  said, “HCL’s partnership with BiTA and working alongside other global industry leaders in transportation, logistics, and supply chain, will allow us to engage in the development of standards for how blockchain technolog

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Easiest Way to Launch your ICO website Right Now !!

ICOCLONE - Consultancy firm specializing in crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies. We offer security and software development consulting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies that draws on our few years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development spaces.


We are technology enthusiast for ICO startup projects. ICO script is perfect solution for ICO start up business. ICO development company provides bug free and highly secured PHP. ICO script with multiple payment gateways and advance  referral settings.ICOscripts provides a ready made script with installation video and documentation.Anybody can install our ICO scripts. Launch your flexible and affordable ICO script to make a big platform for your initial coin offering business. 

Initial coin offering script helps you about starting your own ICO website.initial coin offering script is the best solution for you.ico script that has more powerful features like : Roadmap, Token Creatio

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How to (really) secure your funds against piracy?

In recent times, blockchain technology has been the victim of many hackers.

In a few days, nearly 98 million dollars were diverted by two hacks. One targeting the site of an ICO and changing the address of the wallet thereof, the other using a flaw in Parity wallets. These attacks, which are destined to be more and more frequent as interest in cryptocurrencies grows, do not only target businesses and software. Indeed, phishing campaigns and hackers to individuals are also identified in large numbers.

We will see here the few steps to follow to avoid a maximum of being hacked. These steps go from the most basic to the most secure and are obviously complementary.


1- Choose a unique and robust password

This may seem obvious to some, but too many people still use passwords that are either too easy to guess or use for other accounts. Know that this is the best way to finish with empty pockets because if only one of these accounts is compromised, the others will be too. It is also bec

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What do you know about the new cryptocurrency that is going to launch in online market - “Metronome coin”?

Is it going to change the current Blockchain trading issues and make investors more space?

Have a quick look through our blog to understand about this new arrival: https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/blogs/metronome-coin-new-cryptocurrency-launch-soon


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