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Homeland Security Was Reportedly Worried BLM Protestors Would Join ISIS

Documents obtained by Property of the People (POTP), a self-described nonprofit specialist organization, allegedly show law enforcement officials linked the Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD. #BlackLivesMatter protests to an interest in joining ISIS.

The Intercept released the report Monday, saying POTP had shared the documents with them. Though there have been multiple accounts of emails and documents that have proven law enforcement monitor(ed) Black Lives Matter protestors, such a link to ISIS has never publicly been seen. One possible example was in 2017 when Al Jeezara reported leaked emails, dated July 8, 2016, termed one protestor as a "black supremacist extremist."

POTP's latest findings suggest individuals within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security established a pattern of similarity between the movement against police brutality and foreign terrorism. They did so, The Intercept reported, by greatly exaggerating "isolate

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Atlanta Police Department Reopens 22 Child Murder Cases

Atlanta's officials say new advances in DNA testing led to the decision to reexamine the 1970s files.

Two days ahead of a documentary focusing on the unsolved murders of 22 children in Atlanta, officials in the city say the cases have been reopened.

Read complete news here: https://bit.ly/2TPN3O2

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Self-Driving Cars Aren't Good At Seeing Pedestrians With Dark Skin, According To New Study

A new study has discovered self-driving cars may not recognize people with dark skin as easily as white people.

Futurism reports Georgia Institute of Technology researchers recently published a study in arXiv that shows the artificial intelligence powered self-driving vehicles struggle with detecting pedestrians with dark skin.

The study, “Predictive Inequity in Object Detection,” tested the accuracy of object detection models, the code used by AI to "see" people and things in the surrounding environment, using the Fitzpatrick scale, a numerical classification for human skin color.

To know more, visit: http://tiny.cc/o0yu3y

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