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Defuzed is an innovative and top rated software development company that helps startups and enterprises with AI related custom software development services. They help them with services like ai development, chat bots, virtual assistants, computer vision and also machine learning.

Defuzed has been helping companies with mobile development and web development since 2011, and has a team of over 20 AI developers and is based in Delhi, India.

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Ten Popular Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence

posted by aditmicrosys 1 month ago
tags: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become very popular in recent years. Earlier AI used to be trending for expertise but now the scenario is changed it is also prevailing in IT sector. And many people are attracted by the growth found in AI field.

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5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence

posted by alexwood4512 6 months ago
tags: Artificial Intelligence AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Very few subjects in science and technology are causing as much excitement right now as artificial intelligence (AI). In a lot of cases this is good reason, as some of the world’s brightest minds have said that it’s potential to revolutionize all aspects of our lives is unprecedented.

On the other hand, as with anything new, there are certainly snake-oil salesmen looking to make a quick buck on the basis of promises which can’t (yet) be truly met. And there are others, often with vested interests, with plenty of motive for spreading fear and distrust.

So here is a run-through of some basic misconceptions, and frequently peddled mistruths, which often come up when the subject is discussed, as well as reasons why you shouldn’t necessarily buy into them.

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