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Is Microsoft Trying To Kill Android With Software Patent Lawsuits?


At Least One Judge Ruled it is Okay To Target Android Market for Destruction

In a recent ZD Net article, it was mentioned that an Administrative Law Judge ruled and get more downloads android app, in effect, that Microsoft’s recent actions of suing Barnes and Noble over software patent infringement, regarding B&N’s “Nook,” is perfectly legal: the mere fact that Microsoft is targeting Android for destruction is insufficient to establish an antitrust violation, let alone patent misuse.”

Is it Anti-trust if Microsoft Destroys the Android Market?

For such practices to be truly monopolistic, it would have to be shown that Microsoft’s actions create an unfair advantage and, in effect, prevent adequate competition in the marketplace.

If Nook, Verizon and others who base their products on the Android operating system are the only real competition, then Microsoft’s actions could be deemed monopolistic.

Is Apple a Microsoft Competitor, or a Silent Partner in a Subtle Monopoly?


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by roeminweb3 days ago

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Our teams follow strategic planning, design and development processes for the app development and we collaborate with you throughout the process. We understand your business objectives, conceptualize and develop the Android app, and deploy the app as per your requirements. We also extend our services to help you manage the app after the deployment.

With our seamless Android app development services, you can establish direct communication links with your customer base, improve your visibility to the global audience and increase your profitability.

For faster and cost-efficient development of Android apps catering to your business requirements, get in touch with us now.

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6 Reasons Why You Would Need Alfresco For HRMs

Yes I know what you all are thinking. Ever since the idea came to write a blog on this topic, I have been preparing myself for another kind of onslaught of questions unkind and scepticism galore. Alfresco as an HRMS? Really? Why? 

1. The obvious reasons: Document management in generalI was doing a proof-of-concept research for an HRMS solution for an Airline company. I counted down the number of documents related to per employee that need to be stored, indexed, and linked to the solution. 

2. More specialized reasons – Easy to integrateAlfresco is Java based with very detailed set of APIs. This in itself make it a whole lot easier to integrate with any pre-built or custom solution that you may be considering for your HRMS solution. 

3. Workflow managementThe main reason why I am recommending Alfresco as document management system is because Alfresco is so much more than a simple ECM. It also has advanced workflow management capabilities. For example, let’s look at an employee induct

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Why You Need Salesforce Community Cloud? – The Final Verdict

Salesforce is the most used customer relationship management (CRM) tool around the world. However the market for a tool that is ‘CRM only’ is limited. A business faces a hundred different problems and therefore need a hundred and one different solutions. The extra one does the job of predicting future problems.


What is Salesforce Community Cloud?To understand the community cloud better it’s required to understand the need for a ‘community cloud’. Salesforce.com, when it was launched was first intended to help sales guys keep track of their work and relationship with their customers. However they started to depend more on the customers and started sharing more stuff with the customers related to the business. But this was not automated.



Single Social Sign-On:Communities allow you to create user ID and Passwords, or access for the users. However instead of manually creating access, you can leverage Salesforce’s Social Sign on features.

Mobile application development in Seattl

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Major Reasons Behind Poor Performance Of An Application

As 2015 is coming to close, are you testing for the whole new dynamic digital experience or I must say on all The Very Right Platforms? The complete process of reaching Continuous Quality in your mobile app development and testing doesn’t happen overnight. Like life, it’s a journey. 

How to Improve App Performance

The problem area (the darkest part of diagram – which coincides from Device, Environment and Programming) is the trivial part of problem, which requires lot of technical measures to be taken to find permanent resolution to performance issues occurring in the applications.

Concern Areas:

Mobile application development in Chicago

(a) Servers and Hosting-

Virtualized servers, networks components and supporting applications are among the critical factors which impact the application Performance.Even the hardware of your hosting server also affects the performance of all of the virtual machines that reside upon it.(b) Third-party Components –

Application Performance is also

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4 Reasons to use AngularJS in Salesforce Visualforce pages

If you ask a web or mobile app developer why they use AngularJS their first reply would be because it’s awesome. And then they would list down various reasons ranging from convenience, speed, and performance, to scalability and affordability. 

Why use AngularJS for Salesforce?AngularJS is widely used for developing mobile/web and web solutions. The Visualforce and AngularJS combo’s popularity is increasing because of the fact that AngularJS can drastically decrease the development time and improve the page UI at the same time.

Real-time Data BindingAngularJS has inbuilt two-way data binding features that frees you from worrying about DOM when you play with data. To understand its use we have to understand what two-way data bind is.  

Two Way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is important in Salesforce Apps especially those that involve real-time data or require features that require real-time manipulation of user input data. For example, a quote calculator that need user input.


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6 Top-Notch Big Data Analytics Predictions

1. Embedded Big Data Analytics:According to the prediction of IIA, computing will be severely microservice enabled where everything including the analytics will be connected via API. According to another prediction by the IDC, it reveals that by the year 2020 we will see that 50% of enterprise analytics software will have prescriptive analytics built on cognitive computing functionality. 

2. NoSQL is dominating:NoSQL is gaining momentum. In this era of web, mobile and IoT the concept of NoSQL is gaining a lot of popularity. In 2016, we will definitely see some severe architectural change of the old legacy system where most of the companies would be switching to the NoSQL system.

3. Yes to machine learning:In 2016, most of the companies would want to get onto the machine learning bandwagon. Mobile application development in Boston With each passing day, it is becoming more and more strenuous to find data scientists who could dig the high paced growing volumes and varieties of data. So

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7 Mobile Tech Trends That Will Make Waves In 2019

Mobile App Development Trend #1: Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps

Cloud Technology has been playing a major role in Mobile App Development Process and this will continue to grow in 2016 and many forthcoming years. Even the devices like tablets, smartphones and wearables are growing exponentially and they are expected to expand further in future. 

Mobile App Development Trend #2: Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Gain TractionGartner even predicted that by the year 2017 market demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps will outrun the IT organization’s capacity to deliver bountiful of apps.


Mobile App Development Trend #3: Security Comes As Prime ConcernHow will you ensure that your mobile app is secure? Evidently we can say that no consumer is interested in knowing about their app security and if they do then they believe in a smartphone and their tablet creators and hence look forward to application developers to ensure a secure environment for them.

Mobile application development in San Francisco


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Secure Your Documents With Alfresco Two-Factor Authentication

Data privacy and content security are in high demand especially in domains like Government, corporate and legal sectors. But security issues should not forbid people from using latest technologies. 

So what is the concept of two factor authentication?Most of the systems in the name of security have a username and password. But in today’s era where the rate of cyber crime victims touches 1.5 million per day it is very difficult to feel secure with your data with this single password system. As per the research people choose a password which can be hacked in a jiffy. 

Talking about Alfresco two factor authentication it can be either done using:1. Google authentication.2. With Yubikey.

1. How Google Authentication Works?User first needs to register a 16 character long string (let’s refer it as “Secret-Key” ) with Google Authentication app in his/her device. This Secret-Key gets associated with the user account in Alfresco Share.

When Alfresco asks for the verification code, user needs

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Algoworks Technologies Ranked Number 35th Fastest Growing Technology Company

Attributes its 150% Percent Revenue Growth to expanding service offerings in Mobility, Salesforce, ECM and Software Product Engineering.Algoworks’ Director, Ajeet Singh, credits endless efforts and experience of exceptionally dynamic teams and constantly outreaching the clients worldwide with the company’s 150% revenue growth over the past three years. Mobile application development in Houston He said, “I am honored to see my company thrive and reach such heights, Deloitte has made it possible for companies like our’s to get recognized for its tremendous efforts. It is not only motivating but also helps us to work with fresh zeal to surpass our own expectations and challenge ourselves afresh for the journey ahead.”

About AlgoworksAn Indian headquartered B2B IT service firm. Algoworks operates chiefly in the United States from their California Office besides having a good hold on the European and Asian markets. Algoworks has expertise in key areas of ECM, CRM, mobility and Software Pro

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