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Why do you need Google Analytics?

by Julius785 months ago

Why do you need Google Analytics?Lack of buyers and poor sales results are the main ailment of online store owners. The money invested in marketing pays for itself very slowly and it is difficult to say why nobody wants to order anything from us. How to solve the problem of lack of orders?

Marketing is not everything. High positions in the search engine or perfectly planned Ads campaigns will be of no use to us, if our shop is simply not attractive. We need to know how our customers move around our store and at what moment they resign from buying, how much time it takes them to make a decision.If we want to understand the complexities and limitations of Google Analytics we need to know the technical aspects of this tool. This knowledge is also necessary if we are going to use advanced code implementations.

So how does Google Analytics work "from the kitchen"?

Data collection is based on cookies and the Google tracking code that manages them. A tracking code is a piece of code written in the JavaScript language. It

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Global Video Analytics Market Report 2018-2023

The report covers market growth drivers and restraints, key market regulations, information, analysis of new products from the market leaders and key market trends, market share analysis for major players, supply chain and distribution analysis, product and technology trends, pricing information, emerging applications, technologies and major recent market developments. This information has also been provided for the major country markets in these regions.

Market size and growth potential is assessed for these major country markets. Market growth drivers, restraints, government regulations, market share analysis by major competitors, recent major market developments (product launches, M&A, partnerships, etc.) and other information have been covered for the major country markets listed in this section.

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Global Video analytics Market: Table of Content

1 Introduction

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Outlook

4 Global Video Analy

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