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Airbnb Clone Apps

River Houses to Jungle homes- Provide all Stays with your Airbnb Clone App

The best thing about AirBnb is that it accommodates all types of stays under its one ‘proverbial’ roof. The more booking higher revenue, and if you are one of the entrepreneurs who are looking for then AppDupe is the place where you get the best AirBnB clone app.

This digital era has changed the way business operates. With the traditional market quickly moving to digital, it is no different for the century-old vacation business to follow suit. Everything we know is turning digital. We hold the throne for building the best Airbnb like apps with our advanced clone script. With smartphone applications dominating the tourism market, it's the right time to enter the field with our cutting-edge app development solutions. Let's get started! https://www.appdupe.com/airbnb-clone-app-development


With the travel and tourism industry surpassing $1 Trillion, it is the ideal time to enter the market and possibly rule it. But developing an app from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. It is

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How AirBnb clone can transform even the dullest of Hotel business?

If you know a lot of people who have homes which can be temporarily used by travellers or visitors, then you should understand that you can make a profitable business out of this. Thinking about the revenue? It is similar to AirBnb’s business model, commission per booking. However, it is to be understood that AirBnb is an 11 year old company and if you wish to come anywhere near that you need to work hard. The best thing you could do to escalate your stay solution business is to create an app that facilitates the same.


Now, that’s where we come in; AppDupe. We ensure you get the best app for your stay business needs. We have a powerful AirBnb clone script that’ customizable to the dot. You can add a lot of features in it. Right from the Admin Panel to Customer App. In any app features are of pivotal importance and you can get the best features for your app from us. Do take a look at the features we offer;

Search And Filter

Customers can search and filter the place, depending on

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Why a business like Airbnb would be dynamic?

Vacation rental booking isn’t the same anymore, it’s not difficult and time-taking.  This is eventually encouraging travelers to explore more because the headache of booking accommodation is taken care of easily.

What is Airbnb?

This platform enables prior booking of properties and places that are listed by hosts. The users can book the property of their choice based on their specifications like locations, dates, amenities etc.

How is it different for owners?

Usually, when it comes to houses, they are rented to people for a stipulated amount of time. With an app like Airbnb, the owner can rent their place whenever it is free. The customers find these options comparatively cheaper than booking a huge hotel room. In contrast, the owners can actually make good money with every customer, provided they get customers regularly.

The owner, if they are social, they can meet new people. The travellers look for some comfort and recommendations in a new city from the locals and they can be r

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Home away from home for your customers with Airbnb Clone

Travelling is an amazing experience. The experience includes food, stay and commute mainly but even when one of these three go wrong we feel screwed. When it comes to accommodation, it is not possible to find hotels or lodges or rooms as and when we want. And if it is holiday time, don’t even think about it.

According to Statista,


  1. Airbnb was valued at 31 billion U.S. dollars in May 2017.


So what is their revenue model? Airbnb generates its revenue through service fees to hosts and guests. When a property is booked by a user Airbnb get a commission from the payment made. When the hosts list and make money, there is a commission that Airbnb gets.


  1. In the company’s hometown of San Francisco, the average daily rate of a stay in an Airbnb property was 18.8 percent less than the average daily rate of a hotel in 2015.


This clearly depicts the affordability that comes along and this is what customers look for. So it is apparent you will have a competitive edge and wi

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